questionsdo any schools donate graduation robes?


when i graduated, we had to rent the robes from a third party. i've never really heard of a high school buying graduation robes for students to wear. it wouldn't hurt to call your local high school(s) and see where students rent robes from. you could then call that company and see if they could donate some.


I agree that most if not all students rent from the supplier to the college or university or highschool.


I've got two black graduation robes in my closet right now sitting around with no purpose -- if you want them, I have absolutely no problem sending them down. Have to check at my parents' house to see if they have the mortarboards, but as far as I'm concerned, they can have everything but the tassels (they're color-specific to my school, etc). I know it's not a huge amount of help, but if you/they can use it, I'm all for it. I know how important high school graduation is for a lot of families.


Just an idea, but if there are any colleges in your area email either their head of social work, community relations, or graduation services. Explain what you need.
My guess is that they will be willing to send a "blast" email out to graduating students who may then donate their robes after the ceremony.
I would happily do this at the school I attend as I think it is a great idea. However, you would have to figure out the logistics of getting any donated items from Ohio.


@atd15: Mom and Dad are in a fairly small town. I have suggested they check with other local schools. I think they've already done that and not had much luck. I'll check with Mom to see if they have money to cover shipping and possibly get back to you.


@klozitshoper: I agree, but I guess sometimes parents don't have the money, and want to see their kids graduate. Sad really.


In high school we "bought" really cheap polyester robes. College and professional school we rented. There was an option to buy, but I don't know anybody who did: it was extrodinarily expensive.

Good luck with this, though.


@atd15: Yes, it is very sad. Another suggestion I would make would be to contact social service groups/clubs - such as AAUW (American Association of University Women), Womens and Mens Clubs such as Elks, Eagles, etc. for donations toward rentals. Perhaps they could make this a charitible gift each year and do fund raising especially for it.


My kids all had to rent their high school regalia. All they got to keep was the tassel. College was a choice of buy or rent.