questionswhy is credit not given to the first one who…


First, what is "Featured"? Do you mean that it becomes a Top deal?

Second, are you referring to the slight possibility that two people post the same deal but nobody votes for the first one and the subsequent post from someone else is the one that becomes a top deal?

So, if you notice that someone else posted the same deal as yours, you have the duty to report it as a duplicate by using the tattle feature. Then, if someone else's post made it to the top and yours did not, there is probably a good reason. Did you leave a good enough description? Did you include the price in the deal?


1) Sorry meant to say a SPONSORED deal.

2) I did actually get several votes for the deal in question and no one else until tonight posted the same deal.

3)The deal was well described and price was included. I did submit a tattle on the deal.

I am guessing maybe the user who got credit despite the deal having been reported a couple days earlier, might be the one paying for it so he/she gets credit even if late to the game.


@miniskunk: A Sponsored deal is completely different than the rest. Those are from companies that pay woot to put their product in those spots. It's a paid advertising spot.

The sponsored deals last one day and then they are removed from the deals home page.