questionsif i buy something from the android market for…


The $1.00 charge sounds like a temporary authorization to verify you gave them a good card number. I'm not really sure about the $1.10, though. Wait it out and see what actually posts to your account.


@chris12345: I thought that might be as you said, but I already sent them an e-mail and they should be refunding me back. But it still stinks that I wasn't told that on my credit card I might see a different amount, as you stated just an authorization process.


You weren't charged a different amount, since there wasn't enough time for the settlement process to have occured and you aren't actually charged anything until settlement (usually within 24-48 hours of a transaction). The numbers that show up are just test amounts (pre-authorization charges if you wish).

It's all in flux until the vendor actually submits the charge to the clearing house at the end of the day (or weekend or whatever, though for Google it is probably no less than once a day and might be more often).


@baqui63: perhaps, but why doesn't lets for example use woot, do the same, and they where two separate charges that's what got to me it was $1.10 and $1.00. I would understand the $1.10 charge but $1.10 and $1.00 come on something isn't right.


That's how credit cards work. Calm down. Wait and see what actually posts, instead of panicking at the hold transactions.


@goatcrapp: Na it's too late already. I e-mailed them and they said that they would refund me back, besides nothing feels natural like the native keyboard on my Droid X. But it just pissed me off that I was expecting to pay one price but ends up being totally different. Same thing with tax's you think your paying $xx.xx amount but ends up being more then you have in your pocket. Why can't we just pay what the price is shown. Like back in the day with Woot, before they sold out to the man that is Amazon. They never (Woot) charged tax's on there products but now they do and to be honest it drives me away from buying anything except for the good ol bag of crap.