questionswhy no social media boc's for this woot-off??


I'm sure something will pop up and I won't get one


@dealseekerdude: Actually, the last woot-off had a hidden BOC via the Pirate Treasure map. Trust me on this one.


Probably won't see it.

The method they were using before was to let them out in small batches, and before that they were doing it all in one go.

Though, it seems like they're lowering the quantity of BOCs, so even if they were to put up a batch probably wouldn't be more than 250.


Maybe because of all of the negative feedback they've received about it.


Please bring the BOCs back to Woot, rather than FB, Twitter, etc... I do follow Woot on FB, but, can't keep up during the work day. What I'd really like to see is a BOC pop up on one of the alternate Woot sites, like on Home or Tech or Sport or Sellout... see how many people don't notice it!


Now what fun would it be if we told you? ;)


There were no BOCs on Facebook last time. I gave some junk away before the Woot-Off last month (and again last week) that sufficiently disappointed people, no need to continue.


BOCs should not be on social media. Many of us don't have the time nor desire to waste time on social media site. If woot continues to do BOCs, they should be woot BOCs, not some other services BOC!!!!!!


No BOCs of ANY kind. This sucks.