questionshow does the sansa clip+ compare to the clip zip?


I looked into these at one point, and differences are pretty much in the screen.

The Zip has a low-resolution LCD, designed to be able to show an image (like an album cover).
The Clip+ has a low-resolution OLED, though the shape is significantly different (it's about 3x as wide as it is high), making it no good for image display.

The Zip has the ability to show an extra line or two of information on the screen over the Clip+. The downside is that the horizontal resolution is significantly lower, and less will fit on a line. I'd also expect it to take up a decent bit more battery power and put out more ambient light.
The Clip+ on the other hand can show a decent bit of info on a single line, but has less of them to display. The display is OLED with black black background with bright lettering. Minimum ambient light/power consumption, great contrast.

Otherwise they both will provide you about the same. Pick your poison. I prefer the Clip/Clip+.


I actually just bought my wife the Zip Clip last week (to use while exercising). We had and loved their original Sansa Fuze (not the Fuze+) which I think is still the best design they've ever done.

Audio quality with the Zip Clip is fine, though the thing is almost too small compared to the original Fuze, if that's possible. But I'm sure that with a little practice you could easily do it by feel while exercising. Haven't tried the audio recording on the Clip yet.

Special notes about audiobooks (ABs):

If you get ABs as digital loans through your library then the whole Sansa line is excellent, better than iPods IMHO. Unlike iPods, which only provide nice navigation for ABs purchsed from iTunes or Audible, the Sansa devices really sensibly organize everything in the Audiobook folder.

Just make sure any AB you load is placed into the Sansa's Audiobook directory -- the desktop interface from Overdrive (which many libraries use) defaults to putting all ABs in the Music folder.


@lostporcupine: and also @bls1:

Thanks to both of you for very informative answers!

I doubt that I'd ever watch video, so that feature of the Zip is not important to me. And the small size is actually a plus, because I want to clip this on presenters, to record their talks. I think either Clip is small enough to clip on a pocket or on the button row. I will probably go with the Clip+, on the assumption that the smaller OLED screen will result in longer run time on a battery charge.

Thanks again!