questionscan you tell me if this product description error…


Addendum: I actually WROTE in the original contact that apparently a Mucinex warning had been placed in the middle of that page, with the "Safety Warning." Do you think perhaps that employee doesn't read English?


Well that's pretty frightening. Yes it's obvious what the error is, and yes I think it's very possible the person in customer service doesn't know the language well. Did you clearly point out that they are instructing how to ingest toxic chemicals?


@pitamuffin: Just found my original message to them:

"Other info:Incorrect directions on website of product
Comments:Just a note that on the order page for Rid-x 6-month liquid dose, see:

in the safety info & directions, it discusses swallowing this septic tank add-in. Apparently this portion of the page was meant for Mucinex."


Hey, I was just glad it wasn't one of our sales.


Someone will hit the lawsuit jackpot if they don't change that quickly.

"Amazon told me to eat RidX, how was I supposed to know it's not for consumption?" -America


I thought the internet approach to things like this is to ridicule it without mercy in the comments section (posting to Reddit helps)

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An alternative to @j5's Reddit suggestion is to contact The Consumerist at tipsATconsumeristDOTcom. They'll both ridicule amazon in a blog post and use their contacts at amazon to alert someone who can do something about it. If you email them, be sure to include your original message to amazon and amazon's response to you.


Thanks for the heads-up. I posted a "review" but don't know if it will clear or not. :)



Oh it cleared alright. J. Sims.


@jsimsace: I just about spit up my coffee on my keyboard! Excellent review!


Oh so that is how you use Rid-X I was dumping it directly into my sewer system but it makes sense to eat it to regulate the problem at the source.

This is a joke comment, I only put this bold comment in here because if you read my comment above and do not know it is a joke comment you need this bold comment


@caffeine_dude: Yes, indeed! I was thinking maybe rid-x could double it sales by promoting itself as simultaneously a cure for constipation and a septic tank additive.

Insert your favorite disclaimer here.


After having contacted Amazon about an issue, I do get the sense that they speak Engrish over there.

I ordered a blanket once. The blanket, though listed as 100% cotton, had a tag that said 40% cotton, 60% polyester. I wanted to return it but doubted that I could without the retail packaging that the mister trashed. It was just a loose blanket. When I wrote Amazon, explaining that I did not have the product packaging, they told me it was okay, I can use any shipping box as packaging. I wrote back explaining that I wasn't talking about the shipping package it came in "but the actual retail package the product is sold in—what you would see if it were sitting on a store shelf in Target or Walmart" and their response was again "You can put your return in any package for shipping as long as it will not get damaged."



@thewronggrape: I seriously wonder if they either 1) actually read what's written before replying with a pre-formed answer, and 2) understand English particularly well. On the phone they tend to be better. In the instance I wrote about here, there really is no excuse for the response I got. None at all.