questionsrepairing a cracked cellphone screen?


Lots of independents do cracked screen repair. (My nephew for one)
Look on Craigslist in your area.

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Well, it can be done. It certainly isn't for the faint of heart: it will require removing lots of pieces and parts, including taking the camera off the motherboard:

The parts are available from the people that made the video. The touchscreen and digitizer replacement will run you 80 bucks, and I think they throw in that blue safe pry apart tool. They recommend some double sided adhesive strips (three bucks) and a small phillips head screwdriver if you don't have one already (also, three bucks).

Take a look at the video and decide if it is worth it to try and fix. Keep in mind that the phone is working now. I don't think the gf will thank you if you take her cracked but working phone and give her back one that is intact but not functioning correctly.

This same place will also repair your phone if you just want to send it to them.