questionsthank you, staff!


Woohoo, Woot!

As for who ... I'm guessing @jumbowoot and his jumbo heart.


I've heard of people getting treats from @jumbowoot but they've usually come with notes (I'm thinking of ipods a few months back). But either way, it's great that @snapster gives his people so much latitude in dealing with the community.


What?? There was an apron??


wait a second. I didn't know about this. I will have to track down this employee immediately!!

(and thank them)

edit: hmmm @jumbowoot disclaims this one - we shall have to start a serious investigation.. monday maybe.


Would they consider bringing the apron back do to popular demand?


We found the culprit.

@agingdragqueen gets to wear this crown for a week.

Sorry, I couldn't resist.


Dear Woot,

I am so sad that I did not get a big box of money.

Thank you.


@spacezorro: I've got some Zimbabwe dollars around here, I think...


Just another reason why I love Woot so much. That's completely awesome and thank you for sharing.

Also, to the wooter I just bought my Woot Off lights from on eBay because they had the good luck to receive two of them..thanks! I look forward to using them next Woot Off.


woot staff is really cool! This is why I love woot- Thanks for continuing to be a very awesome place to take my money!
Now I can't help but wonder who was responsible for my box o monkeys


Woot! staff, thanks for being so awesome =) I am glad you shared your story! I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!


I want throw out a thanks also, I ordered one of those wolfgang puck cookers, since I'm just cooking for myself. Something got mixed up at first, so I didn't receive it and received a refund. Then I received a mysterious package on my doorstop - and got my cooker!

It's a great buy, thanks again!


@narfcake: Darn. Missed out on that one. Which stinks, I just noticed this weekend how grundgy my apron is when I was cooking for friends.


@kmeltzer: A friend of mine was using my "Real Men Don't Use Recipes" apron back in September and ruined it! He got it over the fire and burned it badly, and told me I needed a new one . . . Jerkbag!


I personally laughed when he said "aging drag queen" gets the crown... I see what he did there....


@slydon: That's worth almost as much as a box of toilet paper! I'll take some for my next trip...

And this is almost as good as the box of monkeys from not too long ago. All @wootstaff rule!


I have to add that I think the people at woot are pretty fantastic and in my case, I send special thanks to @thefenst, yet again.


Oh wow, that's awesome.

And also why woot is pretty much the best darn website around!


@slydon: I'll take them....I always wanted to be a trillionaire!


That is awesome. The woot staff really are some class acts... It is always upsetting when an item you want is sold out or comes off of a sale or something... always a bit depressing.

Most of us have that feeling when the Bag O' Craps come up... The furthest I have gotten is the address screen... :( then it locks up... I think that is a feeling we commonly share come woot off days...


@dcalotta: you're very very welcome. I just felt pretty bad for you in your linked convo up there. Like I keep telling y'all (mostly so I don't get blamed for the mod rants, ha!), I don't have a ton of power here, but what I do have I try to use for good.


Wow, I go watch a movie and miss all the fun :/...... Woot is the BEST!!! Thanks for sharing your story


Yes, Woot. Staff is the best. When I recently received a broken bamboo cutting board, I emailed service and they immediately sent out another new one, properly packaged this time. It arrived very quickly and I just love it! And then too, there was the missing Angry Day sweatshirt... It was actually shipped two day mail, I think. Got here just in time for my daughter's surprise visit. She was cold.. And truly loves it!

So, thanks as always, oh Great Woot Gods!!!


@wootstaff is the best. I haven't had any issues yet and that makes them magnificent. I love the apron, wish I would have caught that one while it was still in stock.
I'm only now realizing the magnificence of shirt.woot.


@slydon: This made me laugh! I was in Zim back on 05, and my host paid for our lovely dinner at an Italian restaurant with a ziploc bag full of Zim notes. The stack was at darned near 4 inches high and the dinner tab was somewhere over a million. He dropped the bag in my lap and said "This is probably the only time in your life you'll be able to say you once held more than a million dollars in your hands." It was surreal.


Very cool. Yet another reason I love this place. A staff that cares about their community.


@politicsisevil: So...I was supposed to WANT the bag o' crap? Saw one & I just thought it was a lark...SAAAAAADDDDDD!

As a noob, I clearly see that I have more FAQ's to read :/


A couple years ago I sent an email to woot after being frustrated by my inability to score a BOC and offered some suggestions for future offers. I never got a reply but I did get a BOC on my doorstep about a week later. Belated thanks, woot!