questionsany other springsteen fans wake up early to today…


Remembering the Glory Days in My Hometown, I called on one of my Blood Brothers for help getting tickets in This Hard Land. Being Born to Run, we raced down the Thunder Road, through the Secret Garden and onto the Streets of Philadelphia, following The River to Atlantic City and into the Badlands, a.k.a. Ticketmaster. Alas, we had arrived early, so we passed the time by making Brilliant Disguises.

So far, none of the shows are even remotely close. I guess that means I'll be Dancing in the Dark.


@rprebel: I hope you find some Reason to Believe in The Promised Land, and get a show in your area on the next leg of the tour.


No, nothing in my area either. But there's a rumor that he may do a concert at Wrigley Field in the Fall, Sept. I think. Saw him back in '84 and it is still the best concert I ever saw.