questionsdo you have a problem with the usa basketball…


If they were showboating, that'd be poor sportsmanship. If they were just that much better, then I don't have a problem with it. The counter-argument is soccer. I saw a game where the US got beaten 2-0. It was an utter rout, but they didn't complain about it. These things happen when you put amateurs against world class professionals.

Yes, the comment about the soccer score was a joke.


No problem with it. I heard (I think on a news story) that Olympic basketball rules require teams to make a shot every 4 seconds (or some other regular interval). So by the rules of the game, the team couldn't/shouldn't have pulled a "badminton" just because they were already winning. Looking at the face of it, it does seem like the US team was rubbing it in, but given that little tidbit of info - that they aren't supposed to stop trying - I understand.


I don't have a problem with it either. These basketball players are supposed to score points and they did just that.


Why should the US team play to less than their capability? As long as they show complete sportsmanship during the competition, it would be a slap in the face to the other teams to "play down" to a perceived lesser ability. Teams will have their collective fanny handed to them as long as there are competitions. It should only encourage defeated teams to train harder.

Asking them to dumb down their game is like one of my local high school's decision to do away with Valedictorian & Salutatorian because "every student who graduates is no better than the next." Special snowflakes. Let's not hurt their feelings.


No problem here. If you don't want the score to get out of hand then play better defense.


Nope. if Nigeria has a problem with , they should not have sent a team that obviously had shot at winning even bronze. this is the Olympics, a competition of world's best, not local boys and girls club league


No problem here either. The objective is to score more points than your opponent while limiting their points. It's a two-way street. Bring your A-string, or suffer the consequences.


I have a problem with professional athletes in the Olympics.

But, that said, I have no problem when a team dominates another and "runs up" the score.


I didn't see the game but form what I understand the US played their backups for a lot of the game. What's the coach supposed to do tell them to intentionally miss shots? The stars didn't play once the US got up by a comfortable lead. There's nothing more they can do if the other team can't stop them.


Doesn't seem any different than setting a new world record when competing in a timed event.


America wins in Basketball, but if there's ever an Olympic competition for email scams, Nigeria will take Gold, Silver and Bronze.

I'm sure they won't mind running up the score against us either.


Not much else for the US to do it sounds like. Which is why I'm spending my Olympic watching time on more competitive sports.