questionsare affiliate-link deals still prohibited? they…


Inquiring minds want to know!


@belyndag: Maybe everyone's off for the weekend?

And did you notice that the comments encouraging folks to down-vote stuff they don't like are also gone from the FAQ?


Sorry but I don't have any answers. That's deals' staff area.


@magic cave: Haven't checked out the FAQ changes yet. Just got DS packed off and back at college and am recovering from his visit. (That boy can EAT!) Glad someone is keeping an eye on things.

I've dropped about a dozen levels in the rankings because I need to ask a question. I guess they haven't diminished that portion of the algorithm after all. I need to go to the FAQs and see if non-deal questions are still off limits. I really have some things I want to talk about here, but don't want to get slammed. Funny, though. The USPS question isn't deals-related and it is really getting a lot of discussion!


@thunderthighs: I should have thought of that; sorry to have paged you on what was probably a day off. :(


I'm sure it's just been a very, very busy Monday. Perhaps there'll be an answer tomorrow?


@magic cave: Don't hold your breath. I believe you've received as much of an answer as anyone of import is willing to provide.


No one paged me. :(

Sorry for the delay in response!

Affiliate links are still not allowed. Please tattle it under "Other" and state that it's an affiliate/referral link. Thanks!


@hizzo87: Thanks for confirming this for me! Is there any chance that particular language can be reinserted into the FAQ? It's hard for us to tell posters why they can't post affiliate-lined deals here if we can't back it up by referring them to the now-official FAQ;

(One guy has twice posted about deals at about a dozen companies all carrying the same affiliate code.)


imho it doesn't matter. I've 'tattled' on the same guy, time after time, for the same affiliate links for years. he's still a member here under the same username. So, i stopped tattling...


@finzup: I agree; it is pretty disheartening.


@magic cave: I understand and will make sure this request has been seen.