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If it helps your decision. Out of the 18 individuals that have responded, 4 of them are doing 2 BOCs. So it is catching on a bit. But don't let that influence you, a couple of people have mentioned that higher shipping expenses have been a bit of a turn off for sending extras. Just do what you think is best, no pressure.


I'm one of the people sending two and the only reason why I'm limiting myself to two is the shipping cost. (The last time, it cost me ~$13 to send via the cheapest USPS method with delivery confirmation.)

Were it not for the shipping costs, I could easily put together 30 or 40 BOC that are three potentially useful items and a bag (tho I'd need to get some bags).

Because of the shipping costs, I'll just pack the two largest woot boxes I have as full of stuff as I can and send them out, hopefully not spending more than $15 each.


I think I'll be doing more than one, namely because I have so much 'crap' to pass on. :)

I agree though, the shipping cost is murder! I love the flat rate boxes, especially because it's slightly cheaper and comes with free delivery confirmation if you purchase your postage online. I keep thinking I want to use a larger box (non-flat rate), but I'm terrified of what the shipping cost would end up being.


Sometimes the regional rate boxes can help with the postage depending on the size of the crap. The A boxes are a little smaller than the medium flat rate. The B boxes are a little bigger but sometimes the medium is cheaper depending on the distance. The C box is a great size but the cost is not as cheap as the smaller ones. The A boxes are the 2 pound rate by distance, $5.04 to $9.62 online. The B boxes are the 4 pound rate by distance, $5.90 to $15.46. The C box is $14.44 to $45.02. The prices are $.75 higher if you do not print the label online.

If you want the free delivery confirmation but do not want to pay for postage online, you can download the free program, Shipping Assistant from

To print a label through paypal use


Pretty sure I'm going to be sending two, one for my wife and one for myself. Looking forward to it!


I forgot to answer the question. Undecided at the moment, I would send multiples. I have enough stuff to send to the whole roster with the exception of the bags. I am still thinking on it.


Just one here. Maybe next time.....


I prefer to overload one box with too much crap instead of sending out more than one with just enough per box. It'll make it more fun for the recipient, I think. I hope. I mean, it's crap, so the more a person receives, the less likely they are to be disappointed, right? ... Right?


@goldenthorn: Crap overload is definitely more fun.


I was originally doing just one giant one....then realized how perfectly it fit into 2, 1 for a male and 1 for a let's just hope it lines up that way!


@goldenthorn: I was thinking that! But, I've given a few @baybei BoC's out, that are all overstuffed in a large flat rate priority box, and I still have several boxes of stuff here, I figured I could handle a few boxes (yeah, I'm going to do three), and still have them be stuffed to the gills with goodies! Let's just hope everyone who receives one agrees, lol!

I do promise not to stuff one of my cats in a box, but I can't promise their hair won't end up in there...for some reason, it's everywhere!


one for me this time, still need to send in my official confirmation email though