questionswoot, any inside info on the amazon tablet?


I thought the Amazon tablet was speculation based on the newer, sleeker website. I know they said it would be geared more towards tablets, but I don't think that gives any definitive answer as to whether or not they're going to launch one -- although it would make sense since the Kindle has hit a plateau


With the peak of the Kindle, it would really make sense that Amazon would be dropping a tablet this holiday season. From a marketing point of view, putting the tablet on the market in a few months would be ideal. Kindle's have reached their peak, they aren't going to be a hot holiday item. A new gadget from a trusted company like Amazon is going to have people going more nuts than a monkey on a banana farm. This is my speculation, now let us have the truth!!


Hey, @w00tgurl, great question! I'd been thinking about this one myself. I'd love to see a tablet from Amazon that was like my Kindle, where I just paid upfront, and then didn't have to worry about 3G service. I'd be happy to pay a premium for that. My second choice would be to pay Amazon directly for it, so as not to be tied to any of the providers.

I really hope Amazon comes out with a tablet, but I'm not buying any tablet until I see one based on Ice Cream whatchamacallit (yes, that's a technical term). I see that Samsung is about to come out with two new ones, and the little fold over one looks clever, but I think those are still based on Honeycomb.


@capguncowboy: i've read speculation too that quotes "insiders" who have details about price points, the platform it's going to run on, device size, and even predicting the amount of sales during the first year. the speculations are becoming more frequent.. i think the pot is stirring...

@nate800 @shrdlu as far as Kindle, i also read speculation about a color Kindle. how that will work with e-ink, i'm not sure. but i'd love the combination of both or choice of both.
what if amazon surprises us and does an Apple type of new product release? 2 new products at once? part of the readings I've seen are 2 Amazon tablet sizes, why not a ~9" tablet and a ~7" color Kindle that can be rooted as a smaller tablet?


@shrdlu: The current stock of tabs are mostly all locked in Honeycomb (which still isn't open-source)... I agree though, that the best bet for any discerning prospective buyer is to wait for Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich. The only tablet right now that is being promised that update is the as-of-yet unreleased Toshiba AT200, which is still being released with Honeycomb, at first anyway.

The current variety intrigues me, but none have really pushed me over the edge into territory where I'd pull out the wallet. The closest I've come yet is with the new Sony S tablet (also still unreleased) - the big brother to the fold-over (P, for pocket) tablet design that you mentioned.

The only other option that really piques my curiosity is this elusive, but oft-mentioned "secret" Amazon tablet... The rumours are that it sports the same basic specs, like the Tegra2 CPU. Curse you, Amazon, for hinting at this product, and then making me dance with anticipation like a kid looking for a restroom!


I'm waiting for the ASUS transformer 2, withe the tegra 3 processor and icecream.


I'll just add rampant speculation and hearsay to this board, but I thought I heard that the new Kindle/tablet was going to have a dual display (I'm not sure if this meant side-by-side or somehow overlaid) that somehow combines an e-Ink display (no color) and a color LED display. So it wouldn't be quite a 'color e-Ink', but could do both.

But that's rampant speculation and hearsay.


According to media reports, SONY announced on Wednesday that the company will in the end of September this year in Europe market sale of the company first tablet computer. As Japan's biggest consumer electronics products export manufacturer, SONY hopes its products in the tablet computer on the market can after apple iPad.


@misuhsipee: see, i trust techcrunch (RIP Crunchpad). and if they're saying they saw it, then it's real and it IS close

"...They’re now close.

How do I know all of this? Well, not only have I heard about the device, I’ve seen it and used it. And I’m happy to report that it’s going to be a big deal. Huge, potentially."

posted 2 hours ago. woohoo
they should leak the Amazon tablet on woot and let word trickle out that way. look how many comments and votes the HP Touchpad fire sale deal has. have you seen the pages and the amount of comments? people went crazy, here and on slickdeals.
sure releasing on would be great, but it's also expected and typical. a slow leak on woot would be a great marketing ploy to both woot and the tablet. then an official release on amazon once the buzz is explosive, for the regular joes