questionswhat are your opinions about diablo iii so far?


the levels are REALLY REALLY REALLY big, and a lot of them are full circles, so to explore every little crevice of every dungeon requires a lot of backtracking. I do like the game though. I just entered Nightmare as well, looking forward to more Legendary drops.


I don't like the dumbed down leveling system. I appreciated the diversity of D2. I haven't gotten far into it yet but that I what is bothering me atm. Other than that, pretty epic.


@justincredibleg: do you have elective mode turned on, this allows you more flexibility with how you want your skills. You can have them wherever you want them and whatever 6 skills you want. Really makes a difference with some classes especially monk.


I'm on the fence. The game itself is enjoyable. The graphics are decent enough, stories are interesting. I've only played into the Monk and Demon Hunter classes, but the cinematics are enjoyable. My issues with the game stem from I wasn't able to play at all the first day due to their server crashing. That was aggrevating. They've done more "updates" in a week than most games do in six months. I detest that I have to be logged in to play, there have been times when I've actually had free time that I couldn't play because the servers were full... I didn't pay 59.99+tax for a game to sit and wait for someone to log out so I can log in.

All in all, it's subpar for what it should have been. I think Blizzard rushed it out well before it was ready. I miss the days when Blizzard was about its players and not about gouging their customer base. It's the whole reason I walked away from WoW. I will play it, when I can. But, I'll log into Star Wars first.