questionshas anyone noticed that the "today's top voters…


It's because you're so amazing.


Yep. I've been stuck there for days, too. My average hasn't changed even as I took breaks from voting or voted for less popular things, so it must be frozen.

I noticed wootbot's staff square was missing today, too...


It appears the servers got a longer holiday break that we did. Hmmmmmffffff.


The leaderboard's top voters has been broken most of the time for the past two or three weeks.

It will work for a few hours or maybe a day, but then be stuck again.

It would be nice if it started working regularily again, but I'm not holding my breath.

(If I knew who to bother about this, I'd do so when I notice it. But I don't want to be seen as a PITA, especially about something that I personally don't care that much about.)


@baqui63: I'm happy to be a pain in the * for you. Comments from anyone on the development staff? @shawnmiller @josefresho @dave bug @mattschuette Reply**

Hope you're all off having a nice holiday, and can just pass this off to whoever is holding down the fort. Actually, speaking of weekend staff, it may be that @faughtey has other folks as well that can be notified.

I also point out, for those who like twittering (I do not), that you can check out Mr Miller via smiller on Twitter. I know he pays are fair amount of attention. I don't know about any of the others.


This is what mine shows:
1 100% dreamyvelvet 21.33
2 95% 90mcg112 20.33
3 93% onebaddoggie 19.83
4 79% devexityspace 16.88
5 77% kophia 16.40
6 76% rainbowshark 16.27
7 74% flashkill 15.71
8 70% dmaz 15.00
9 61% agentc 13.00
10 56% sstaylor 12.00
11 56% kmeltzer 11.91
12 55% mtrlgrl 11.70
13 54% @hobbitss: 11.42
14 53% baqui63 11.40
15 51% katblue 10.90
minimum 5 votes cast


@coolphilip04: Thanks, but I have been rarely on that board...
And not on the others much since the last big change to the algorithm...


Looks like the "Today's Top Voters" Board is sporadically active again...