questionswhat should i do woot has my money tied up?


So it sounds like you had the money in your Paypal account, and expected it to be paid from that? Or did you NOT have sufficient funds and that is why Paypal (not Woot) tapped your bank account? If you had the funds, why didn't you just have them transferred to the bank account? Seems that would be easier and far more logical than paying twice. If you didn't have the funds, what's all the hullabaloo? When you set up your Paypal account, you have to tell them SOMEWHERE where they can get the money.

Is today blame Woot for our own mistakes day? Nobody told me. If so, I'd really like to discuss a few things with Woot. Or do we get to just pick one mistake? I'm afraid I'm unfamiliar with the rules.


@stile99: I have had that happen with Paypal in the past, where a charge went against my bank account instead of the credit card I had set up as my main payment option. It happened once with a charge that was large enough that it put me at risk of bouncing checks, as I'd expected to be paying on credit, not in cash.


@stile99: sorry. My original post was 3 times as long but I kept removing stuff so it would fit.
I don't keep money in my PayPal account. I use a credit card linked to it and a bank account attacked to it too. For some reason it was taking from my bank account despite having plenty of credit I'm not blaming woot for that. I'm not blaming them for any of my mistakes. That's not the issue.

The issue is that I followed their instructions and send it the second payment like they said and now I can't contact them at all.I currently have paid twice and an extra $400 is not something I'm willing to just ignore.


@firesoul453: Ah, thanks for the clarification. That makes a bit more sense, and totally sounds like something Paypal would do.

As for contacting customer service, I understand with $400 on the line you might be a bit jumpy, but please realize that Woot is no different than any other company based in the US. Today is the first day after a three-day weekend, they have a bit of catching up to do. If they issued the refund before leaving for the weekend, the bank will probably get around to acknowledging it today, and if you are lucky, process it tonight. Banks love to delay things like this, hoping to be able to charge you an overdraft fee or ten. That said, it does sound like the real problem is with Paypal. Regardless of where Paypal got the money, to Woot it looks like your first payment was with Paypal, as was your second. This only adds another layer, Woot could refund Paypal and it would be up to Paypal when (or if) to credit your bank account.


@firesoul453: So, did they (or were they supposed to) contact you after the second payment was received? This is one of those things you're allowed to freak out and make a hubbub about heh.. especially nowadays, when a company stealing your money or forcing you into a long term loan isn't exactly uncommon.
If you haven't gotten some kind of response by tomorrow, definitely get a hold of em.. Woot in my experience has great customer service, but Woot is changing and making "improvements" all of the time, so I can't really comment on current Woot CS.

You'll definitely get your money.. and probably sooner than later.. even with a lot of Woot staff leaving, therere still a lot of good staffers around. Just hope you get one of those :).

With that said I'd be just a tad worried too :D
Good luck with that. Hopefully somebody at Woot sees this and is feeling helpful.


@firesoul453: I emailed support a few weeks ago and it took them 6 days and 12-ish hours to respond to me. Not sure if all the recent staff changes has put a lot of strain on CS or if people in the department were downsized. It was kind of low-priority so perhaps that's why it was passed on for so long. Nothing as serious as your case. They also don't have hours during the weekends and keep regular M-F business hours. IMO, anything above 72 hours is way too long to go without any response or action from CS.

Keep sending support emails asking them to fix the issue. Do it through your email account (email directly to,) so you have a permanent record of it. You'll want to have a record of it (you doing your due diligence) in case you have to go through your bank/credit card to reverse the charges.

Good luck. I hope your case gets resolved quickly.


Ok thanks everyone. It turns out the secret was to PM a staff member on the forums. Literally 10 minutes after PMing them I got an email from Paypal saying I now have a refund processing. I guess its possible that they just happened to submit the refund right after I PMed him but I doubt it.

Still I am disappointed that for whatever reason they kept putting me off and ignoring my emails. I understand their probably busy but I highly doubt they are only now responding to emails sent on Wednesday.

Oh well, I should be getting me refund soon and thats good enough for me. I am glad this mess is over.

Moral of the story. DON'T send a second payment to a company without phone support! Just pay the bank fees and move on with your life!


Here's how Paypal really works:

If you have funds in your Paypal account it uses them first - there are no options. If you have no funds in your account the default is your bank account.

If you want to use your credit card you must click "Change" and select card on the following screen.

You can not set your credit card to be the default payment.


@rh48: You obviously didn't understand my post. That wasn't even the issue.

Anyway paypal is a litte more complex than that. The credit card was my default payment for woot (i've bought stuff here before). On top of that I also have a paypal line of credit, which should come before bank account.

Oh well, I am happy to say the money is now on its way to my bank account.


Here's what I don't understand - if you have a credit card as default payment to Woot how did Paypal even become involved?

When you say you have a line of credit from Paypal are you talking about their "Bill Me Later" program?


I paid through paypal but the credit card was the default payment on paypal for woot.