questions1tb usb flash drive? i think so!


Wow, is all I can say about that. 1TB is a lot of space for a portable pocket drive.


I don't know. I'm not sure if I'd ever need a 1TB flash drive, I feel like I'd lose it, along with other ones I've misplaced. They end up somewhere, somehow, but that's a lot to lose.

I would almost rather have a portable external hard drive.


That's a bit over the $1 per Gig. rule.


Coming from someone who really keeps up on flash media prices... a "good deal" is ~$0.45/GB for USB 2.0 and ~$0.65/GB for USB 3.0. That's valid all the way up to 32GB. 64GB and above tend to carry a premium.


The 512GB is $800. Not sure why we're all being so secretive. ;)


give it 18 months and 512GB will probably be around $120.


Dang, I remember paying $50 for a 512MB flash drive.

Can't imagine having 1TB.


I'm embarrassed to think what I paid for this 4GB Sandisk USB drive on my desk. And I have a 2TB USB drive connected to my network that was probably about $100.

I can't imagine having that kind of portable storage. Though I am old enough to remember being STOKED upgrading our PC to a new, flashy, 40MB Western Digital Caviar drive. How could we ever use that much storage?!?!?!


One other concern: Data error and correction.

It has become common knowledge and practice that as density goes up, a single failure can prevent reading larger and larger data blocks. Likewise as individual transistor sizes shrink they are more vulnerable to radiation damage or quantum charge leakage.

While I certainly trust flash drives to retain their data, they don't have the active error correction or the data monitoring and write leveling of SSDs.

Before I commit mission critical data to a flash drive, I will make sure I have backup copies and I will also keep an MD5 hash of the file. Verify the file periodically to make sure it is intact, if it is really important.

Losing one bit out of 100s of megabytes would not matter in an image file or document. However, if the bit is lost in a chunk of executable code it could wreak havoc. If that bit altered part of a data in which every byte mattered, the loss could be troubling and hard to detect.

Just saying.


Right now I still see drives this large as a novelty. Between the cost and relatively slow speed (not awful, but certainly not great), any time I've wanted to use larger volumes i just use a $50 HDD and an enclosure. mkdosfs takes a few seconds and it's just as versatile as a flash drive so long as you can find 2 USB ports. Yeah, I'm not going to be taking it off roading on a dirtbike but I certainly won't lose it either, and if I did I wouldn't be tearing my hair out.


Wow I might be able to fit my music collection on one flash drive.


@jha1223: LOL - I'm old enough to remember being thrilled at spending $400 for 8 MB (yea - megabytes) of RAM for my old Amiga 500 computer! And that was a bargain!


Added the 1TB beast to my cart at and saw $1,728.00 as my total price. Wow.