questionswhy did my papa johns 50% off deal disappear?


I'm thinking it was your "more helpful" link, which I'm guessing didn't have a buy button.

See the unofficial FAQ here

I would have made the deal link to and included a link to the hosted image in the deal's description.

Shame for me too, as I had upvoted your deal fairly early on.

Edit: just looked at the newly posted deal... it also links to the promo graphics rather than who knows?


@baqui63: Thanks. That's what I was guessing. You're definitely right about putting a link to the email's image in the item description.
Oh well, at least I'll still get the 50% off regardless of wether or not the deal is listed!



Note that I did a ninja edit while you were replying...


It's also possible that it's because TAYLOR50 covers the same dates and is also good for 50% off. No point having two deals posted. TAYLOR50 also covered several days prior to the weekend.


You'll probably never find out if you haven't by now. Seemed like a good deal to me. Like @baqui63, I was an early voter as 2nd or 3rd.