questionsfeature request: flag woot staff posts as such


oh, lord. I can't help it.

Me, too

I know some of them, I've figured out plenty, but it would be so very nice to realize that when @shawnmiller gives me the smackdown, I'm going to have to pay attention, and that I can just ignore @hobbit any time I want.


I would be nice, I have guessed based on lurking on the other side who is the boss and all.....

and :-P shrdlu


@hobbit: Um, we KNOW, FOR SURE, that Snapster is the overlord of all overlords. You are pretty funny. pbhththt!!! right back.


@shrdlu: I still remember getting the beta email and it being signed by him...and me realizing WHO he was...... ha ha ha....I KNEW he was staff...just NOT THE BOSS


Woot Staff badges are absolutely on the dev list. While I'm in here let me mention a few recent changes:

- We patched the username case sensitivity issues, cleaned up the related bad data in the system, then recalculated reputation across the board.

- We're now parsing tags in comments; like this one: #laptop

- Man, I love those cleaner reputation triangles from @joshmonkey:

- The big development time vampire has been cleaning up our pagination code. We feel it's important to have "hackable URLs" and we were finally able to acheive it within our cloud infrastructure. Paging now works with URLs that look like:


@shawnmiller: Those are such really wonderful things that I am not sure where to start. Pagination!!! Pagination!!! Oh, lord, how I have PINED for that. You are all my heroes.

Wait. #mustard It's bee-yoo-ti-ful!


@shawnmiller: Glad to hear it - all of it. Thanks.


@shawnmiller: You didn't address the volunteer moderator part of the question. Are they going to be separate from the main woot sites?


@sgoman5674: I believe some light interaction exists now between volunteer mods and staff monitoring with the latter doing the heavy lifting right now -- there's still strategy figuring out which team should do what.


I like woot... And zombies. They're both favorite.


@snapster: When is this all slated to happen? I am looking forward to knowing that there are Volunteer Moderators, and knowing who the Staff are (guessing is fine, knowing is much better).