questionswould you like to help me find a deal on a sound…


You have the dimensions and some handy are you with a jigsaw or band saw? That's probably the only way to get this for <$30, and even then, depending on what type of wood you use, it could be over $30.


I'm with @rprebel...knock one out if you've got the tools, or you could ask your local hardware store to cut the pieces for you, then just put them together.

Or you could buy a makerbot and print one out. :)


Sub $30 ... if not DIY, you're going to have to compromise.

If you can get by with just raising up the TV, I'm thinking of Ikeahacking with these legs ...
... plus a pair of doors, screwed and glued together for added strength:


Thanks guys. I think I'll try to make one for cheaps.