questionsultimate gin throwdown: beefeater vs. sapphire vs…


for me, usually the officer...but can't blame a girl for tryin' lol


I always go with Beefeater for a Martini or a Vesper, but Gordon's for a gin and tonic. I think Gordon's has a better price point and can stand up a little more to the tonic water, though not quite smooth enough for a good Martini.

I think Tanqueray is another vodka like gin, but Sapphire seems to have a little more flavor (since it has more botanicals).


All the regular top shelf gins have been named... How about Plymouth Gin??

Also there are craft Gins that are a bit more true to the origins... Try Junipero or Genevieve Gins from Anchor Distilling in San Fransisco or Old Tom Gin from Ransom Spirits...


Junipero Gin

Double Gold Winner at the
San Francisco World Spirits Competition

It is made by the folks at Anchor Steam (brewery) in San Francisco. They make small batches each year, and pretty much sell out as soon as they release it. It is few and far between to find it in a liquor store, but I have from time to time.

Simply Awesome Gin in my Gin Loving Opinion.

Here are other people's opinions:

“Smooth, clean and very dry with assertive, classic flavors of juniper and citrus: a martini with one eyebrow raised.”
– Eric Asimov, New York Times

“Made by San Francisco's Anchor Distilling, this does the London Dry style better than anything from the U.K. Power, spice, perfume and balance: It might be the most perfect gin around.”
– Lawrence Marcus, Variety

“Arguably America's greatest gin.”
– Oliver Schwaner-Albright, Departures Magazine


@hobbitss: you nailed it right on the head, Junipero is amazingly yummo.


@dmmutti: :-)
Glad you like it... They have targeted a style from the 19th century, mid 1850s to be more specific, the Genevieve is targeted more toward a 17th century style...
They also produce an American whiskey reminiscent of something from the 1850s, a little young but very good... Unfortunately the name escapes me at the moment....


Beefeater. Keeps me from getting malaria. Although I guess the tonic helps, too.


@okham: Yeah, no, it's the quinine in the tonic water, but I'm right there with you on the preferring Beefeater thing.

Still happy to hear you're malaria free, though.


@hobbitss: Old Potrero, I believe. Just went to the Anchor Brewery :)


I really miss Tanqueray Ten. That was enjoyable. I usually have Sapphire in my bar, but I've been meaning to branch out and try some others.

My grandfather is a Beefeater man for his martinis. That's all he ever kept in the wet-bar.


I'll throw a vote in for Plymouth.