questionswhy are there always so many dvd & blu-ray deals…


Just because it's a blu-ray doesn't mean its not a good deal...

It's called deals.woot. Not, "don't post blurays because I'm tired of seeing them.woot"


The price is highly variable on some movies- and they tend to stay at the upper range of pricing most of the time. When a good price comes up on a good film, it reaches the top quickly because of all the votes.

DVD and Blu-Ray are not relics. Some of us want to pay a single price and know that we'll have access to a movie for the rest of our lives. I also happen to copy my DVD and Blu-Ray discs to a hard drive so that they are as convenient as streaming options. I don't care if I can buy it on Amazon Instant Video for less, because I could lose it at some point in the future. Netflix streaming gives me access to a lot of movies, but it's not a constant selection.


It is my belief that people upvote the DVD or Bluray if they like the movie -- not if they think it's a good deal.

As for me, I discovered this a long time ago and refuse to upvote any DVD or Bluray just to make a statement that I do not support this philosophy.

In other words, how many of those people that upvoted the deal actually bought the movie at that time -- probably very few.


The system is manipulated by adding weight and friction to certain tags. Some items require fewer votes/clicks to get on top. It appears the system favors movies and tech products so this is what you're going to see on the Top/Popular tabs.


@cengland0: I am one of those few. If I find a good blu-ray deal, I buy it. If someone else finds a good blu-ray deal on a movie that interests me, I buy it.

Also. Just because you don't buy a movie or buy something from a deal, doesn't mean that other people won't think the same way. I work to make sure that good deals are seen as popular so they are more exposed. I vote based off of the quality of the deal, plain and simple.


@ohcheri: I'm not so sure about the movies and tech products having more weight. I believe you're a bit upset from the #sexy and #lingerie not being allowed on the top and that's why you're making that comment.

In other words, I doubt that tech versus home has any more weight.

I have wondered about how the questions make it to popular though. I've seen questions with one comment and about 5 upvotes and it makes it to popular whereas I've seen other questions with 20 comments and about 10 upvotes and it's never popular.

The formulas may be extremely complex such as how fast the items get upvoted and how many people comment within a specified window after it was initially submitted.


@cengland0: To me, the popularity of deals and questions can be determined by using these three factors:

Traffic of site: (votes and comments added)
Time: (how long the deal/question has been available)
Competition: (deal/question vs deal/question)


@cengland0: I'm not saying that the movie and tech deals have more weight but that other tags have been weighted to allow the non-weighted deals to rise to the top.

If you make a scan of the Popular deals you will find that other tags appear to have been weighted although not as heavily as #sexy, #lingerie or #free.

Same thing with questions. Anything tagged #chat requires more work to rise to the top but #meta makes Top/Popular very quickly.


I see 2 reasons for it so many dvds making page 1:

1. People see a movie/show they enjoy and just upvote it no matter what the price because "It is one of my favorites". Put up a popular old favorite movie and watch the votes climb even if it is only $1 off regular price.

2. People vote on deals they think will become popular whether it interests them or not to increase their standings on the leaderboard. "Hey this has 9 votes in 20 minutes I have to vote for this even tho I don't care about the deal." Once it hits page 1 the vote then just pile up.

As for selection of deals:

People recently are complaining that their coupon links are being deleted so there is another type of deals that are disappearing.

The tag weighing also plays into it since cripples anything marked #free. Free products were very popular, now they are impossible to get on page one.

So you see what is left over which are movies, games and funny items like shirts and desktop toys.


Food for Thought -

- Jumbowoot has been giving out gifts and coupons for the last year and a half
- No One knows what the criteria is going to be for said participation perk
- DVD/Blu-Ray deals of popular movies tend to garner lots of votes and go popular quickly
- notice who is posting the DVD/Blu-ray deals

yes, I see conspiracies, everywhere



This will be a top deal soon:

Why? This thing has been retailing for an average of $50. Sometimes you see it for $30. I got a great deal last year at Target for under $20, but this is the best price in a year - even if you have to wait on international shipping.


@omnichad: Hey, that's my deal :). Thanks for the little bump there even though I'm sure it'll still be covered in downvotes because of the sudden hatred of blu-ray deals.

I don't discriminate though, a deal is a deal.


the most knowledgeable consumers/collectors of movies/tv shows will always prefer to actually own a hardcopy, so no, dvds and blurays aren't relics. We have dvd players in our car to keep the kids occupied, so we still buy lots of dvds. If the price of a dvd or bluray is comparable to the cost of a digital or streaming version, why would someone NOT want to own the hardcopy?

Obviously they're near the top so frequently because the people here vote them up... meaning that YOU, who doesn't like seeing them there, ARE THE MINORITY.


Personally, I upvote movies I like. I don't even think these are deals anymore. Movies are simply cheap now, it's not 2002, you can get a DVD for $5 about anywhere.


DVDs are easy to find at a good price and easy to add as a deal. They're all some of us time-deprived users are able to find.


Just to clarify, i was not complaining about the deals, just curious as to what motivation makes these movies so popular in the deal forum. I love a good deal no matter what the item, i was just wondering what makes them a regular "top deal." I guess i figured there would be some other regular "top deal" genres like free apple/android apps, the lingerie, trends and memes, etc. I realize now that i sounded a little whiny and that wasn't my intention. It is funny to see how people ran with it though.


I stopped taking you seriously at "rapidly aging relics of technology past."