questionsis car racing really a sport?


NASCAR is a conspiracy to keep the south from rising again


I think you need to specify what type of "car racing". Circle track, dirt track, drag racing...etc. can all be considered car racing.

Personally, I would say yes. It requires skill, knowledge, and determination not only to build and maintain the machines but also to operate them in a manner that will gain you a win.


@ki4rxm: At this point, I'm comfortable lumping them all together, but I did have NASCAR in mind. Chess takes "skill, knowledge, and determination" too. Is that a sport?


LMAO! My GF asked this same question last night.
Yes it is a sport. Sure, all you see is people driving in circles going nowhere, but inside that car those drivers are fighting that car the entire time. The amount of control and skill required is insane. Keeping a car in line with a group of other cars, inches away from each other and the wall going 200 MPH.
I can almost guarantee you couldn't do it.


@wickedd365: Not to use the same type of argument, but open-heart surgery requires an insane amount of control and skill and I guarantee I couldn't do that either. Are heart surgeons athletes?


@axphw1: I get that. In that field, they are. They just go by a different titles. Specialist, Doctor, Surgeon.
Rockstar, athlete, actor/actress, Doctor, IMO it all means "I am a bad ass at what I do".


We watch WWE in our household and consider it a sport. Anything is a sport when there's intense training and talent involved!


@mommyleah: Whoa whoa whoa... If the outcome is scripted it is not a sport. Sorry... those guys are more like Stunt Men Soap Opera stars. Skill and strength required... yes. Sport... no


I classify "games" and "sports" as different things than "athletics", with lots of overlap between the three. I DO NOT CONSIDER BILLIARDS/POOL, darts, bowling, fishing, etc as "athletics", but I do consider them sports, and I also consider bowling/darts/billiards as games.

I consider nascar both a sport & athletics, since physical conditioning and endurance is a very important part of being a nascar driver.

WWE-style wrestling is NOT a sport, it is Athletics. A "sport" involves some sort of competition without a predetermined outcome.


Someone gets paid a lot of money to risk their lives to do something they love after years and years of training.

Sounds like a sport to me.


@jeremytheindian: Disagree with "If the outcome is scripted it is not a sport". Cheerleading is choreographed and it is typically considered a sport. Why don't you go tell a pro wrestler that what he does is fake and see how fake the outcome is?


@mlutz3 Cheerleading is choreographed, but prior to the awards ceremony, you do not know who is going to win the competition.


@axphw1 Yes those factors along do not make it (or anything) a sport, but they are good indicators. When considered with the competitive nature of the activity, the training involved, the required physical fitness, and the knowledge and workmanship that goes into the machines, the answer to your question is yes.


It's about as much a sport as pro wrestling.