questionsdoes anyone make a bio-degradable k-cup?


More info from the company itself:

I need to go to sleep. I am procrastinating by googling your question!


Thanks, kschouten, but the page looks to be about two years old. I'm hoping that someone has come across a biodegradable K-cup offering. Going to bed myself, and will check in the morning to see if anyone knows of any. So far, not looking too good for mama's Keurig plan...


most bio-degradable plastics I have seen are heat-sensitive. They basically melt if heated.


Short answer: No. Longer answer: If you're really concerned about the environmental cost of said device either you're going to have to go without one or use the refillable filters. So it might end up taking you ten seconds to prepare your filter instead of five or however long it takes to take one out and tear it open. I know, sucks right?


my wife was all about k-cups also... i found them stupid.

That changed in a heartbeat once i got her a cuisinart grind & brew coffee maker.

freshly ground, takes a little more time but well worth it. She's mainly a morning coffee drinker, so with a timer set, it's no time at all, because it's already done by the time she gets to it.

always remember - don't open the beans until you need them, and keep them frozen otherwise. Have your wife drink a fresh ground cup and a k-cup side by side, and she'll wonder what all the fuss was about with the keurig.


Try the filters -
Lots of options out there from different vendors.

I agree with @goatcrapp - Fresh ground coffee is terrific. Then you/she can both have what you want. You get great tasting coffee, and she gets the convenience. Plus, it would be cheaper than those expensive mediocre (at best) tasting cups.


Looks like I get to tell the wife we won't be getting a Keurig, and I get to continue enjoying my burr-ground coffee. Mwahahaha!


Actually, though, there is:

They're cheaper, too, organic, and really delicious.


@amaine: Thanks for the link! Looks like less plastic involved in that solution than a standard K-cup. Not bad on the price, either.


I checked out the amazon link and looks like even those are using plastic though. I am following this new company on their facebook page. They posted this link the other day. Looks like maybe some university students are launching a solution?


Yes! not only biodegradeable but compostable. Emerald Circle Coffee is developing this product that will be available in the summer of 2013. The coffee pod is made of Bagasse ( sugarcane fiber) and uses recycled kraft paper and vegan adhesives. to get on the products mailing list please email to:


@emerldcirle: Good news! You had me up until "vegan adhesive", though... I want my stuff to be held together by bone and sinew! Hahahaha!

I'll keep an eye out for this. Thanks for the tip!


Looks like there are a few companies using baggasse for k-cups. Biggest issue will be keeping the product fresh vs. k-cups. Once that coffee goes into that cup it will become stale very fast as the coffee beans gas. How do they plan on keeping the coffee fresh?