questionsdo you have a lot of monkeys to feed?


I am going to say yes, I've got a few monkeys to feed (about 150 in the living room alone) but I am not sure pizza is that good for them...

oh wait you may have been talking about the other slightly more monkey related deal.

ya thats probably it...


@darkone01: Yep, I meant the second one. I linked to it, but forgot the space between the link and @belyndag which made it hard to tell it was there. I did make up for the missing space by throwing in an extraneous apostrophe in the question...sigh. I didn't catch the mistakes until too late to edit so I tattled on myself and asked for some kind mod to clean up after me.


I've got a bunch of Mortimer and Monte's pals, but like Mortimer they tend to be omnivores. They would pass up the sliced bananas in favor of a extra large peperoni, sausage, and onion.


@gionot: (sigh) I'm always in the way. Just ask my kids.


NOOOOOOOOO if you feed them they reproduce!


Click through the deal. The reviews are priceless. Thanks for the laughs!


@gionot Well I took a poll, and it seems that my particular group of monkeys are more interested in the pizza than the bananas.
I wasn't calling you out, I just found this in the fresh ATC earlier, and right next to it was the posting for the pizza bags so I got a laugh out of it, and thought I'd pass it along.


@darkone01: You're going to have trouble on your hands if you let those monkeys implement majority rules!

I felt pretty stupid for screwing up the post, so I was a little defensive. I didn't see it on ATC the way you did, so just assumed you'd done a search because my link wasn't clear. I guess I really shouldn't post in the wee small hours of the morning, although it's the only time I ever seem to be inspired.