questionsis it time for another happy thread?


Good idea, definitely need it!

Pumpkin beer, particularly Pumpkinhead
My new PS3 that hopefully will not break
Borderlands 2
The thought that it will all be over soon (can't wait for exams to finish)
Knowing that people will finally stop talking about the election


baby boy carl669 (aka Kirin) continues to improve
my car has not fallen apart yet
my mother-in-law painted the baby's room for us!
smores pop tarts

and now, a completely useless and baffling picture:


I woke up to a purring hot water bottle under the covers with me (yes, my little girl snuggled under the covers with me at some point last night, and she snuggles close and keeps me nice and warm ~ yes, it's a cat!). The other two were on top of the covers, and pretty close as well, better than a heater!

The sun is shining today! Yay!

Hot Cocoa season is back, in fact, I think I'm going to make a cup right now as my job has hot cocoa mix and hot water available!


We're having record high temps today (around 80) so playing outside is definitely on the agenda!


ooh, i like this idea...things that made me happy today:
-i woke up this morning.
-leftover thai food for lunch
-(for this afternoon) coffee and a cookie :)


I think I've seen this Disney movie. Wasn't it called Pollyanna?


So far today:
Waking up to the sun shining for the first time in almost two weeks
The way my cat acts like he's never eaten in his life when I give him his breakfast
Finally making usable lids for a teapot I'm making in my ceramics class. I've been at it for over two weeks and made about ten failed lids before today.
More coffee
Flicking through random xkcd comics, always puts me in a good mood
Reading other's posts in this thread :)


For me:

Experiment half over.
Guinness waiting at home.
Less than one month until I go on vacation.

@carl669: that puppet was creepy.


Great thread.

Happy for those who survived the storm last week with everything intact.

Happy for those who survived the storm last week with prayers for quick resolution of any and all damages

Thankful for waking up this morning feeling free from nasty cold trying to take hold.

Glad to see others celebrate the good stuff.

Delighted that political ads and calls are nearly OVER


Happiness is that no matter how stressful your went on at work, when you come home, you get to spend time with the ones you love.


My wife and I just returned from a fantastic vacation in Disney. We were able to get into a restaurant that isn't open yet and has a 6 month waiting list. First place to serve alcohol in the park so we were able to knock off a bottle of wine over a great meal, something we have never experienced in this particular park.

Ahhhhhhhhh, just in time to get stressed out over the holidays!


A hot, gooey, grilled cheese sandwich on my home made bread.....
And it looks like the dog is finally getting better after his brush with poison ivy. ( he got part of my grilled cheese. So, he's happy also.)


Hooray for another happy thread!

Well, I went to work this morning and was sent back home in under an hour because of my inability to stop vomiting (I think I caught the stealth flu) so that's pretty not happy.

What can be considered happy is the new doggy my daughter and I found in the shelter the other day. We named him Weasley, because he's a ginger. :)

He'd been picked up after roaming a neighborhood for who knows how long, eating out of trash cans. He looks to be a full pomeranian, which is the exact kind of dog my daughter wanted. I'm really glad I could kill two birds with one stone and both get her the breed she wanted and give a homeless shelter dog a family.


@purplefeather: That FACE! :) (dawww)

This thread makes me happy. :)


@inkycatz: He seems to be camera shy. I've been trying for days to get a shot of him actually looking at the camera, but he never does.



Christmas shopping is 2 presents away from being done. YA!
Chicory coffee I had this morning and the Jamaican Blue Mountain I will have this evening. YUM!
I get off work in 34 minutes. HOORAY!


@carl669: I saw that episode. Happy Endings is an under-the-radar good comedy.


Here's a nice pic of my kitty Harley wearing a tie (and holding a toy mouse hostage!), he wasn't mad, but actually falling asleep in the picture :) What a good boy I have!

And then there is this one of a butterfly on a flower, makes me smile everytime!


I'm happy that we have our dog who loves me without regard.


Here's a picture that never fails to make me smile.


Things that made today a good day -
Woke up to puppy kisses and husband snuggles.
Voting place is 1/2 a block away, with a bake sale! Yummy civic duty.
I got a lot done, even though my current medication usually makes that impossible.
Speaking of which, my yard is (mostly) leaf free now.
Had a great dinner with friends at $2 taco night!
I get to go to bed to puppy kisses and hubby snuggles.