questionsis this really that weird?


better than talking on the phone while doing your business.


Not really. As long as you not blasting the music I don't see why it should offend people. I know some people who watch stuff on their phones while in the restroom, public or not, without headphones. That's annoying.

I can't stand people who talk on the phone in the restroom, let alone a public one. Some have the nerve to get mad when you flush, turn on a faucet, use dryer, etc...
Really? Your going to get mad at me because you just couldn't wait to answer that call or hang up when you came in?


It's always with headphones and never loud enough for the person in the next stall to hear it.

I'm just generally against people talking in the bathroom anyway. Even if I'm washing my hands, let me wash my hands. I just used the bathroom. My hands need to be washed D:


Feel free to do that with headphones/earbuds, but filling the bathroom with your personal selection of music from a tiny ipod speaker isn't necessarily preferable to the "alternative" sounds.


i do that, too, but my iPod tracks consist of various ambient bathroom noises.


where all ipods should be. ;-) hehe


Not nearly as weird as taking a snack with you would be.


The closest bathroom to me at work has a radio tucked away in the corner near the stalls. It's always turned on when someone goes in. There also is a big box fan that people turn on. Doesn't seem weird to me.


while it would be hard to know the difference I think that watching a video is stranger than listening to music


It's not as weird as awkward chatting.


People actually get offended by that? Tell them to take a walk or smell some flowers. They need to loosen up.


Don't offer your ipod to someone that has seen you in the bathroom. ...and, antibacterial wipes for your ipod may not be a bad idea.