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A whole other story.
I started watching this movie last night and I'm not happy with it. Just because it has cars in it doesn't mean it is Cars 2. The story has very little to do with the original, except Lightning, Mator, and a couple other characters.
I plan on finishing it tonight but the first hour I have watched has not been that good. A couple of laughs but not impressed.


"plan on finishing it tonight"? But... but... it's only in theaters! How is that possible? You walked out halfway through the movie and decided you'll buy another ticket tomorrow to finish it?

(wink, wink, nudge, nudge)


@wingnutzero: Sure (only if any RIAA people are reading this)


They could have just not made it. They could have ended it by announcing a refund of my money. They could have killed Mator in the beginning of the film. They could have made less slapstick jokes. They could have made a movie about rocks. I would continue, but I think you get the point.


Man, it must be a slow day.
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@trahentis: people tired after woot-quest, maybe?


They obviously marketed it to the kids who loved the first one, and are now older. My kids are almost 3 and are just getting into the first one, but the second one has WAY to much violence in it. What were they thinking?


First off, I never watched Cars 2 so keep that in mind. I'm not quite sure what the real plot is, I just think I know the "gist".

From what I've seen of the commercials they took a James Bond spyish route? I can't even see how it fits in.

I think for a sequal they should have had it set a few years down the road with McQueen and Sally married, dealing with issues such as McQueen getting too old to race and struggling with the concept of retirement, and thier son whom McQueen wanted to become a racecar just like him, but doesn't want to for fear of never living up to his father and only being his shadow since he normally comes either in the middle of last place. The morals being, that once you reach a certain age it's ok to slow down and take things easy, and that just because you don't come in first doesn't mean a father still wouldn't be proud of you for what you CAN do. Accepting limitations on both ends as it were.

Overdone as it is, this theme still makes more sense than spies.


@tiamat114: Great idea. Wish Pixar had knocked on your door when they were putting together a focus group for Cars 2.


I loved the whole World Race idea because I thought it would lead to alot of Cars hijinks in foreign countries but it didn't. It was just another setting for a spy movie with cars as characters.
The last 5 mins or so was what I wanted from the film.