questionsdid you know that boc stands for big ol chair?


lol at the google earth comment. Congrats on your spectacular BoC, you lucky SoB.


@rprebel: first, you'd have to congrats them on scoring a boc :(

then congrats on winning the other lottery too :)


I'm so jealous! That chair is epic!! I'm hoping one day I will find a Hauppauge in my BOC. Someday. Or maybe just some chocolate.


Thats awesome. When I got mine, BoC stood for Bunch of Cedar.

(The highlight of my BoC was a bunch of woot branded cedar grilling planks)


I still say that chair wants to come live with me and hang out with my other one, where they can sit side-by-side under the shade trees, overlooking my scenic pond in the woods.

It sent me an email, and said so.


Cool chair. Also cool (or maybe just rather creepy) that woot knew exactly what you needed.

I've had a number of decent BoC items and all but one BoC has had at least one item that someone present during the opening really liked and wanted. All of them have been worth at least the $8 that they cost me to get.

I think my best item ever, at least in terms of value, was this 77-piece flatware service for 12 with bonus steak knives... the box was slightly damaged but otherwise in mint condition.

I don't think I ever opened the toothbrush sterilizer or the third Hulk panic button.


@reginafilangee You may have a pond and shade trees, but I have prisoners playing basketball and horseshoes. Big Ol' Chair is staying put! :)


This is the last thing I read before sleep, so I blame you for my dream. I dreamed that it was around Halloween and for some reason Woot was selling nothing but candy in a Woot off. Then all of the sudden, the BOC siren went off but I couldn't remember my password to login. Frustrating dream. :| Lol.


A chair! An honest to goodness CHAIR! That really IS better than a Bag O'Glass.