questionsis anyone planning on buying the ouya gaming…


There's no way the Ouya will ever run N64 emulations at a reasonable frame rate. It just doesn't have the processing power.


I have one on the way (allegedly). I backed their kickstarter in, it feels like, 1978. I'll let you know if it's awesome or not when I get it. If I get it.


Correct me if I'm wrong, but as far as I'm aware the first people to get the Ouya are encouraged to develop/improve upon it, so that is the reason for so few games. I think the idea is that new games will be created once the initial group of investors can test the system out, work out bugs, etc. Independent game creators may not have the big budget of other creators like EA, but it's always nice to see a game that doesn't seem to have come out of a cookie cutter. Personally I think it's a great idea and I can't wait to see what comes of it!


If you have a homebrew'd Wii [] you already have one, well pretty much anyways. I don't think I could justify spending another $100 on a console thats gonna get played with a few times and just collect dust. I pretty much bought the Wii specifically for the niche this thing is trying to fill, and already have something for the more graphically intense stuff (PC) . I think if I was to get another console it would be that thing Razer is developing, Project Shield or something like that (the one that flips up, and is basically a control with a portable screen that plays your steam games)


I backed their kickstarter, and I'm not sure yet what I'll play on it. I'll likely get Minecraft (I think that's going to be a thing) and probably FF3. Then I'm not sure. Probably BattleToads.


@dows: You got it.
Well, kind of. They've already sent off dev-kit models to the people who backed as developers. That means they've had the full development suite for it for the last couple months (though I don't recall exactly how long). Also, as it's running android of some description, ports from android are supposed to be fairly simple. This means some great indie games are likely to join the ranks very quickly (think HumbleBundle)


If I wanted to have a glorified phone hooked up to my TV to play games with, I'd hook my phone up to my TV.


I'd save the money for now. The system is very young and most main stream reviewers that I've read have been very underwhelmed. There just isn't much there there right now. Wait, and maybe in six months somebody will have found the recipe for the awesome sauce for the console, but it just isn't there yet.


Definitely one of those situations where the first generation hardware is... probably not great. For me to go in on a new console, it's gotta be multifunctional/tied into a home entertainment vibe. I don't think the Ouya hits that mark.


I am waiting to see what happens when the final model starts selling in June or July or whenever, but I will probably get one.

I love Android and the idea of having an android device that connects to my tv sounds awesome. What I have read about the device so far has been fairly worrisome though: issues with the controller, response time, laggy interface, lack of games.

However, it sounds like they are working hard to resolve these issues before the full launch.

I will probably mainly use it for media, web browsing and email, but there are definitely a number of games that will benefit from a real controller and a big screen.

I am fairly confident it will be able to do N64 emulation. My kindle fire first gen runs N64 games pretty well and the ouya is much more powerful.

I think the ouya will be really nice when I travel as a portable media center. Like a roku but with more functionality.