questionswould you like to have my boc?


The greatest invention since sliced bread: Re-gifting.

You bought it knowing the implications. I'm not giving up because I know plenty of people to whom I can re-gift. The only thing I ended up keeping from my last BOC was a 99-cent Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Calendar; still a success.

P.S. If you received a bread-slicer in a BOC, I'll gladly take it.


It's a common misconception that Salvation army/Goodwill stores are designed to sell only to poor It's meant for anyone to shop at, it's the proceeds that go to poor people. So, yes I do think a usb vanity mirror would be appropriate to donate.


This is the main reason that I'm not feeling bad that I haven't scored a BOC in a while. The C is getting more prominent every year. Like the OP, it seems very wasteful to get this stuff and pitch most of it. (really, I can't use an AC adapter for something I don't have and probably will never get). Even with gifting most of it (my fiancee's nieces loved the High Schools Musical crap) I couldn't get rid of it all.


Being that I have never scored a BOC, I would have to say YES I will take yours.


Apparently you've never read the rules of the bag of crap.


For $8, I'll keep getting them when I can. The fun of opening it with my wife and daughter is worth that. Even if I do get a little annoyed that things are broken and useless.

The best thing from my last BoC was a bobble head Greedo. My wife hates it. I keep putting it out around the living room, then she hides it. I find it, and put it in another spot. When she notices.. she hides it. It's a lot of fun.


@gideonfrost: I was unaware it was "against the rules" to feel bad for throwing things out. My apologies.


If you don't get the crap you want....want the crap you get! Why would you be bummed about getting a BOC? You were lucky enough to get crap during the last woot-off while I sit here wallowing in freakish misery! You never know when the woot-gods are going to hook you up....


BOCs are a goldmine for my company's holiday white elephant gift exchange. the best thing I got from the most recent BOC was a calendar mousepad...and it was BY FAR the best thing. however, i'm already almost done with this year's white elephant gift. Thanks Woot!

I agree with @kmeltzer about the excitement. Our office totally stopped for a few minutes while we slowly opened my BOC. Like I said, there's nothing good in there, but boy did we enjoy the process. Always do!


I think I enjoy the thrill of snagging one more than the actual product because yes, they have been a little disappointing these past few times. Most of what I get ends up being donated or given to friends as gag gifts. I am still going to try, however, because that "I DID IT!" moment when the confirmation email gets sent is definitely worth $8


I remember the time when I got my first one. The anticipation of opening it was more fun than actually seeing what was in the BOC.

Unfortunately, my wife hates when I get them. She has repeatedly told me not to get them because we have so much crap in our apartment as is.

My son just opened a Knex Elmo cowboy set that I got from one and he loves it. Maybe I can use this as incentive to get more.


Ive always assumed it was a novelty thing. Do it a couple of times and you are over it. Like the flying monkeys I got one I was happy now that hes broken I want another but .... I never have gotten one but its on my list of things to get around too but it seems harder and harder. I used to come close but not so much anymore


You gotta play to win. Just because my last 4 lottery tickets haven't been winners, doesn't mean I'm going to give up on the dream.
My last few craps haven't been much to brag about either, but they're still worth the $8 and I can always find someone that has a use for most of the items.


@jesseroo: I would flip out (in a good way) over a USB vanity mirror in mine, personally! Would make following youtube makeup tutorials that much easier. If I saw one in goodwill I'd buy it.


@jezebelseven: Would you like mine? I haven't tried it or know if it works but it never came out of the box my last BOC in Nov 2011...


For me it is less about getting the physical box, but the the pursuit that makes it fun. Seeing the 'bag' pop up, having the Wootalyzer siren blazing, seeing if I am quick/persistent enough ot score one. To be honest, getting the actual goods is a smaller part of it - not insignificant by any means, but not the whole deal. I fully understand anyone who feels that the goods have become not worth it, but there is still the one in whatever chance of getting some good stuff! I, for one, will keep trying!


I'm with @mlsapack. I'm in it for the pursuit. Anything good that you get in the BoC is purely a bonus.


@jesseroo: Indeed. I heard they once sold a Canon 5D Mark II (worth at least $2k).. I should've been there. >_<;


If you have stuff that you think your local Goodwill or Salvation Army won't sell, consider donating it to a local shelter for victims of domestic violence. My local Salvation Army wouldn't sell a tube of donut-flavor lip gloss, but there's a six year old girl living in a shelter with her mother who would think it's great - and a light-up USB-powered mirror? That's good for several evenings' discussion!

Many women - and often their children - leave with nothing except the clothes they're wearing. Toys, children's books, children's movies, in good shape, are deeply appreciated by most shelters. It's a scary experience (trust me) and very disconcerting for kids: just about any level of entertainment is welcomed.


The best thing you can do is record all your openings of BOCs and then put them up on youtube and monetize it. Over the course of time you will probably get your $8 back in viewing monies if you are really that sore over it.