questionshave you tried microfiber sheets?


I bought microfiber sheets from another deal site (daily steals maybe). They were cheap (both in price and quality) and had holes in them within a few days. I didn't really feel ripped-off since they were so inexpensive. I guess it was just one of those "you get what you pay for" "deals."


I'm not a fan of polyester, but that's not why I downvote. What I can't abide is deceptive (or downright false) advertising. 1600TC Egyptian Comfort? 1600BS Egyptian Counterfeit.


I eat a lot of fiber, so most of my sheets turn out macro.


Instead of sleeping like an Egyptian:

As for the OP, I honestly don't care about sheets. I'd sleep on a burlap bag with no problems. :)


I know sleeping on suede (no jammies) is AMAZING - I wonder if micro fiber wound feel as awesome?


Yes, they are perfect for when your mother-in-law comes to visit. She will love them.


I did a lot of research on microfiber sheets because I find cotton too hot to sleep on right now. There are really bad microfiber sheets and really good microfiber sheets. Make sure the sheets are 'brushed' microfiber. They are incredibly soft and will keep you cool or hot if you need them too. But cheap microfiber sheets are awful.