questionswhat was the cheap pay as you go phone?


I'm not using that one, but I WILL be switch to virgin mobile soon. Only 300 minutes with no nights and weekends free, but you also get unlimited data and texting for $25/month, they have android phones available, and it uses the sprint network. Or 1200 minutes a month with the same features for $40. I'm paying almost double that now...

Unlimited minutes text and (very slow) internet. using Verizon's map for coverage. Cheaper if you pick limited. 1000 min 1000 text and 30mb of internet.


I have virgin and I pay $90/year. I don't know if that plan is good anymore, though (I might be grandfathered in). I never use minutes (maybe 3-5 minutes/month) and send about 40 texts/month, and I always have $$ left at the end of the year (which I keep if I just re-up with another $90). If you need a phone for emergencies but don't plan to use it, virgin is totally the way to go.