questionsare you following amazon black friday deals…


I have been following them today, but looking ahead at the upcoming ones and then just checking when the ones that sounds interesting become available. In fact, there is one coming up shortly that I think I will try to grab!


I am in the process of combing through the ad scans on to see whether I am going to try to take advantage of any deals. It looks like I am going to be, so now I am concentrating on all the stores in a sing;e shopping center to see what all I want from these geographically co-located deals. Sadly, the thing I want most is at Best Buy, aka Holiday Hell. I am going to have to cut my Thanksgiving socializing short if I am going to go do this, as some of the stores are opening at 10pm. I am thinking though that we could make a kind of party out of it and take all the Thanksgiving guests to stand in line and jostle over deals together.


I am, but I'm following Kohl's more attentively. They're discounting the last minute "easy" stuff I need right now.


Umm...I haven't even started shopping yet. I still have a few weeks, right?


YES. I am addicted to the damn lightning deals.

@moondrake, I'm in the same boat--I'm desperately hoping Amazon will price-match Best Buy's Black Friday sale on the Nikon S8100 so I don't have to battle the crowds.


I would never have guessed DVDs and Blu-rays were on sale @ Amazon judging by the first two popular pages.


nope, but I definitely had to snag pulp fiction for 4 bucks.


Yeah, I went nuts last year ordering things left and right. But being broke this year, not going to be able to buy much. Yet some how I am transfixed by those countdown timers and seeing what the price is going to be. It is addicting!


I'm not holiday shopping with for the first time. Why? because they are mistreating their warehouse workers. Try searching +warehouse for details, and decide for yourself if you want to participate in the holiday boycott.