questionshave you seen this takedown?


Finally, a politician from Illinois I can be somewhat proud of. Go get 'em Tammy!


Wow, that was well worth 8 minutes of my time! So much so, that I think we need the direct video link here:


No, that was not a takedown. That was a much deserved pistol whipping.


Her opponent in the last election said of her, in so many words, "So she got injured in war. What's she done lately that she thinks she should be elected?"

She wiped the floor with him, too.


@thumperchick: Thank you for the link; I read part of her remarks yesterday, but hearing her gives a whole new meaning to the old phrase about not knowing your throat's been cut till you see the blood flowing. And she did nearly all of it with a smile.


As a 40% disabled vet (Shoulder injury on last tour of Iraq), I find myself disgusted that a sprained ankle giving benefits is definitely taking advantage of a system that was put in place to help actual disabled veterans.

I didn't even claim my business as a disabled-vet-owned business, because I feel there are others who are worse off and deserve it more than I do. Even though I cannot hold my baby girl because she weighs more than 5 pounds and puts too much pressure on my shoulder.


@devexityspace: People like this guy are only out for themselves. They don't care about other people who might be worse off than themselves, clearly. These turds that game the system ruin it for legitimately disabled vets who deserve more for what they gave and these scammers should have to wear a Scarlet "F" for fraud and be publicly shamed.


@devexityspace: First, as the daughter of a career USN guy who joined at age 17 just after Pearl Harbor and as the wife of a career USN guy who fortunately came home unscathed from a tour of duty in Beirut harbor, let me thank you for your service to our country.

Second, speaking again as that daughter and that wife and as a proud citizen, let me say that I think you are precisely the person for whom the DVOB opportunity was created, as a very small token of gratitude for sacrifice, and I truly hope you'll reconsider your position on accepting that gratitude.

Edit: The Spouse just read over my shoulder and asked me to ads: "It's being offered in recognition of the service and sacrifice you were willing to make regardless of the good fortune you had compared to some others. If you qualify for this benefit, I would far rather you or someone like you take advantage of it instead of some phony claimant."


I almost felt sorry for Mr. Castillo, who appeared to be totally unaware of the buzz saw that was headed his way. Almost.

Until I looked around a little more and found this:

and this:


The best part, though he certainly claims its a lifelong, debilitating injury... it's important to note that he played college football - and was the first string quarterback - that is, in the years immediately after his injury sustained at a HS level, he continued to play, and advanced in a game that only gets more physical in that age group.

shameful, and sadly, probably only the tip of the ice berg. For as many deserving members of these programs there are, there are as many, if not more who are skirting the rules to take an unfair advantage.


Thank you for posting this! I'm going to look up Rep Duckworth, and write to her and thank her!


Sadly, this is more common that you would think. I've seen lots of people with "100% service connected disabilities" who are probably in better shape, and able to do more, than many of you. There are lots of very strange things that happen, especially with the VA system. Many people play lots of games with the military medical and VA systems in order to maximize benefits. As I was getting out I elected not to play any of them: as far as I was concerned I was/am in far better shape than most people my age.

I'm also here to tell you I'm in the minority. I can't really fault people for trying to exploit weaknesses in the system to their own advantage. There have been plenty of people who have done so in the past: there are plenty of examples. This guy is just on the far end of the spectrum.


@wilfbrim: Word. Two of my neighbors near one of the bases we used to be stationed at were both medically retired from the Air Force and collecting disability while working as civilians in their previous AFSC. That's a good racket: get retired for medical reasons because you're unable to fulfill your duties, collect disability, return to the same job you had before that you couldn't do in uniform because you had medical issues. What?