questionsa coupon# was required for checkout. what is theā€¦


Hi, and welcome to woot! A few questions for you. Were you trying to buy a product from woot, and if so, which one? Coupon codes are not required when purchasing through woot, so you may have encountered a bug. Try logging out and logging back in, and try to make your purchase again. If you were trying to purchase something from a non woot entity via, you'll need to get in touch with the vendor/website that was offering the deal directly as woot has nothing to do with the sale itself. If you still cant get your purchase to go through, try contacting for additional assistance.


if you bought the item via a link from deals.woot, if a coupon is needed it is typically listed in the product description. for example, look at this deal that was posted on deals.woot:

in the product description, it says 'use code MLCR14FN'.