questionstreadmill or elliptical?


I have both, and I would say the elliptical works up more sweat. Especially if you get the kind that has arm bars for upper body. But if you put the treadmill on a steep incline you can get a good workout too. I like the elliptical because it is less stress on my joints, and more fluid movement.

Bottom line though is -- get the machine you will actually USE. Neither one is good when it's a laundry rack.


Id go with elliptical, Ive got a few good reasons

1- has an upper body component

2- its quieter to use because you don't actually lift your feet off of it, therefore no stepping noises

3- you mentioned 2 teen-ish boys... have you never watched Americas funniest home videos? something bad is bound to happen with a treadmill.


Elliptical. Lower impact, better on the knees and can give you one heck of a workout over a treadmill.


Depends on the type of exercise desired.

Ellipticals are great for people with bad knees or at risk of developing bad knees. If they have the arm bars, you get a bit of an upper body component (although not tons unless you really crank up the tension). But they really only do one thing...well, two if you count going backwards, which does work a different set of muscles.

Treadmills are, in opinion, a bit more versatile. You can walk or run and do both at various inclines. I think the interval programs actually work a lot better on a treadmill than on an elliptical, but that could just be the machines I've had experience with. But you can also do most of the same exercises outside (except for maybe the hills, depending on where you live) for much less, provided the weather is good and you have enough daylight.


Treadmill. I run outside most often, but use the treadmill when the weather is bad or want something easier on the body. Most models at a range of price points allow for different exercise routines / intervals.

Like it was said in the first response, buy what you'll use. I bought mine at a neighbor's garage sale, which worked out for what I was willing to pay. I haven't used it much, but it's good to have on a cold wet day. I wish it took less space.


I lost 32 lbs in about 4 months by walking 40 mins on the treadmill combine with an extra 30 mins of wii fit


@shadowblue42: Hah, I never even considered what kind of trouble 2 boys can get into with a treadmill! But you're right; they've seen enough Ridiculousness and other video shows to have gotten all kinds of ideas.

Thanks for the input everyone. I'm leaning toward the elliptical because I like the idea of low impact. Still have to convince the husband.


Elliptical all the everyone said about the joints and pounding, think about the noise too!!! THUD THUD THUD THUD THUD of atreadmill prob gets other people to discourage you!! Lol