questionswhat would be a good anniversary gift to get off…


Are you talking about your wedding anniversary or your Woot! Anniversary, hah!

My wife is pretty non-traditional when it comes to most things, but even she enjoys something sparkly or shiny on the anniversary, so there is no shame in sticking with the classics. They are classic for a reason.

In addition though, she also enjoys when I do something mildly special, like take her to dinner at a place she has been wanting to try. So combine the two and you should be set to go.

Don't buy cleaning supplies or workout gear, no matter how much she might want it. Seriously. Not kidding.

Which anniversary is it?


A Woot monkey of course -- good for any occasion!


no one has to know or care it came from an online store. if they ask, say you got it at a special place catering to beautiful ladies with great guys who love em. lol


Just go to Amazon and search sex in category "Health and Personal Wellness"...

I originally posted a link to an amazon search, but it's a little crazy.


I would say lingerie from @ohcheri on here or amazon :)