questionsis getting hulu plus or amazon prime just to…


Amazon Prime only gets you a relatively small portion of the available programs to stream for free. However, you can still buy the stuff which isn't available. :p

Hulu Plus seems to have a greater variety of available titles than Amazon Plus (free titles). I don't know about an actual number count, but variety. A lot of the free Amazon titles are the lame ones you'll see on VHS at someone's yardsale. Hulu has a lot of stuff that is, or was, popular. However, not all Hulu Plus titles are available to stream on the Roku. There are a few which will only stream on the computer.

Amazon has better implementation than Hulu, though. The Hulu Roku app crashes quite often, while Amazon works perfectly. This is just a Roku issue, possibly not a problem on other devices.

I have Netflix, Amazon and Hulu. I wouldn't keep Amazon if not for the already having Prime. But it's a nice extra if you would benefit from Prime anyway.


Hulu is worth is. I was on the fence about it because of the ads, but they are only 30secs and I get maybe 5 during 45 mins of show.
My only complaint is that some of their stuff is only available on the site and not their apps. Shows like Sons of Anarchy, Community, Archer.
I use Netflix and Hulu now. I don't have cable either, haven't for a couple years now.

If you want to join Hulu, let me know. I can send you an email that will give you a 2 week free trial compared to the 1 week they normally give.
If anyone else wants the same link, let me know.


@wickedd365: Same here, I use netflix and Hulu. They hoooked me with the free week/month, and the fact they have the newest episodes of my fav TV shows mean they win.

Also, your referral efforts amuse me.


Hulu plus and Netflix are the best out there, i have both myself. I could probably get away with just netflix tho. I stream mine through a playstation 3 and it works great, but make sure you have a really good connection. You can upgrade your connection with the money you save from cable


Ever since I got Amazon Prime (student, so I don't get streaming), I've been stupidly spoiled by the free two day shipping, so that's a neat bonus with the streaming. But, I still think they have a lot to refine and add to their streaming services, so I'm waiting to actually pay for it.

I'm trying Hulu for a bit, and I like it well enough, I just don't know why I'll need it in addition to Netflix other than Hulu has more recent episodes, which may be what you're looking for anyway.


The only reason I haven't gone this way, cable free, is sports. I can't watch two of my favorite sports without cable. The Boston Red Sox and the Boston Bruins are only broadcast on NESN, or ocasionally on ESPN or Versus. If I wasn't a fan of sports, I'd have dropped to Internet only a long time ago. Hence I can't justify any of these services.


I will agree with most of the others.

Amazon Prime is horrible for streaming but it's absolutely worth it for the 2 day shipping. I have prime just for the shipping.

Hulu Plus is better but still ranks only like a 5/10 on my rating scale due to the ads and variety.

Netflix is definitely the best. It has the most variety and you can get discs for the things you can't stream.


I've had Netflix for a few months now & I love it. Watching thru the Xbox is so easy. And though at first it seemed like they were going pretty slow on adding more stuff to Instant Streaming, here in the last few weeks they've added a TON of complete series (Twilight Zone, X-Files, Farscape, South Park), so I'll have enough to keep me busy for a while.

I signed up for Hulu Plus 2 weeks ago when they had the free week on Xbox, just to try it out, & also went ahead & gave them my card info so I could get the trial extended to a month. I like that the browsing & queue are identical to Netflix's interference (again talking about Xbox here). I don't like how much of the stuff I want to watch is Web Only. That's just annoying. They need to figure out/fix that, I don't want to go downstairs to my computer to watch certain shows. While I thought the ads would annoy me, they're really not that bad. At least each "commercial break" is usually only 15 or 30 seconds long, & it's just one.


@mrmucox: if you have Xbox Live, you can watch some sports through their ESPN streaming service. But it's by NO means a substitute for the cable sports networks. For example, the majority of my St. Louis Cardinals games are on Fox Sports Midwest, and maybe 1 game every 2 weeks will be on ESPN. So if I wanna watch my team play, I have to have cable or satellite. But if you don't care what teams you're watching, you could probably find enough content there to keep you entertained. :)


@giggleloop: Nope, no XBox, I'm a PC Gamer here. Besides, I only watch the teams I like. I.e. the Celtics just got eliminated from the playoffs, I have no plans to watch basketball until next year now.


I use Netflix, personally. It's a great value, and a good substitute for cable. Yes, you can watch instant on the 360, BUT only if you have gold. If you have a PS3 or Wii it's free. There's also a whole host of DVRs, DVD players, TVs, etc etc that allow instant streaming. More than hulu, I think.


Thank you everyone for your input. It has been very helpful. I have chosen to not go with prime for instant streaming. I will also be keeping my netflix and Hulu plus when the free trial ends. This wont be my first time without cable but last time I went off it there was no Hulu plus, less instant streaming movies available on netflix and most other Local channels, (CBS, NBC, etc) didn't stream more then one or two episodes of only a few shows. This time should be much better.


Some devices (like a Roku) have the ability to add other channels like, and Dad has and pays like $120/year for it-- and gets EVERY game, period. That's only $10/month, so reasonable to add one sport "channel" to your Roku device.


I go with the Netflix and the and NFL Ticket on PS3. Gives me just about everything I need.


I personally have a Roku and have subscribed to Hulu Plus. I also just subscribed to Netflix. I did a trial of Amazon Prime a while back.

I love Hulu Plus - lots of TV shows that I watched on satellite. Don't mind the commercial breaks because they are extremely fast/short. It can be frustrating at times when shows are available on Web Only, rather than viewable on the TV, but they seem to be adding more and more shows to TV all the time.

Netflix has lots of ID Discovery shows which is the main reason I subscribed to this. There is also a good number of shows available on Netflix and tons of movies, if that is for you.

I also like that on the Roku there is MLB channel, which offers one free game a day, which takes care of the need for sports. I'm not sure about the other sports currently, but hope the same type of offer is available. If not, you can subscribe for a fee to get every game.