questionsdo you like being the first to get a new gadget?


I thought I did when the first Google Phone came out (the G1). I put my order in as soon as it was announced and got it the day it was released. It IS fun to show it off and have people ask you all the time about it. Makes you feel cool. ;)

But now after a couple of those experiences I've become a little more conservative with my money and getting as much value for it as I can so I wait for the "beta" products to come out and see what others think. I wait for reviews and comparisons then make the purchase feeling more confident.


I usually wait. I like the idea of others being the guinea pig....but that changed for an order I placed for the new Asus Transformer T300 (I ordered it because someone talked me into selling them my original)...I have to admit that I am liking the idea of being an early adopter this time.


I used to but then I got burned bad on the PSP, so that was the end of being first on any new gizmo. Now I tend to wait a generation for the kinks to get ironed out and the support to be stable.


Not really. I like to wait for the early adopters to a) work out the bugs, and b) get the price to come down a bit.


I'm happy being behind the bleeding edge on most things. It's a lot less expensive - either because costs are coming down, or because I can buy last year's bleeding edge whatsit from someone who just upgraded to the new uber cool thing.

And, there are invariably bugs to iron out of the first generation of anything. Hint: Never buy a car during the first model year! And if there are two competing standards (Think HD DVD vs BlueRay) I am much happier waiting it out than risking having a really expensive paperweight.


I get the most Unique gadget. Everybody has a !@#$ing iPod. So, I get a Samsung Galaxy S WiFi 5.0 .


i like the idea, but no. Definitely no, in fact. The first one always has issues (why don't companies test things anymore?) and I'd rather skip that headache. With the way pricing falls on tech, I'd rather wait a bit for prices to drop and especially wait until Black Friday or various holiday sales for prices to give me that extra incentive. While it'd be fun to say "I got this the day it came out!" I'd much rather say "I paid 35% of what you paid!", but that's just me :)


I usually wait until prices come down before I buy a technology. I don't need to be on the cutting edge. I really don't care who I impress with my new whatever. I prefer to use older tech that's still mostly relevant. That way if it breaks or gets lost/stolen I don't go into full panic mode, I just go get another.


I am a Late-Adopter

It's how I avoid having a large collection of HD-DVDs


I'm with @dijital101 on this one. I bought my wife a refurb iPad first gen a few days after the newest iPad 3(?) came out for waaaaay less than the original price was. It was an early Mother's Day present. :)


I wait. Let everyone else deal with the problems a new product always has.


I'd certainly like to be the first to get a new gadget, but sadly, that never happens. It took me many (I really do mean many) years to get a DVD player after they came out, and even then it was only the $30 cheapie on Black Friday. I used tapes forlikeever, eventually switched to CDs, and I finally upgraded to an mp3 player a year and a half ago (though--don't laugh--it's just one of those silly Disney Mix Sticks. But, hey, it works!)

If the latest and greatest technological gadgets were something I truly needed or wanted that bad enough--and assuming I had the money for them--then maybe. Frankly, I just don't ever see it happening.