questionswhy does my deal for free starbucks keep getting…


The deal is for Friday. You're not supposed to post advance deals here. Post it on Friday and, if you're the first to post, it should stay up and get you plenty of votes.


without even clicking the link i can answer because i'm the one tattling on you. (and others for posting the same thing)
future deals are not permitted. one must be able to get it now for it to be posted here.

these are the current rules as i know them


@moosezilla I see deals post ahead of time often and this is only 2 days away. It would actually give people a chance to pre-plan their day and stop by a Starbucks instead of being at work already and wishing they had known earlier. But I guess rules are rules.


@tmontgom: You used to see deals posted ahead of time. New day, new rules. Too many people were posting deals way ahead of time--got to be a real problem. Deals now have to be posted the day they begin.


@katblue: Honestly I think a bigger problem is flash drives and dvds being on the front page everyday but I understand that rules are rules. I just felt a little singled out.


@tmontgom: Perhaps you used to see future deals posted ahead of their availability, but they've been prohibited for quite some time now.

Genuine pre-order deals are still acceptable, however.


@tmontgom: All pre-deals have been deleted as soon as they come to the attention of the woot staff for the last 3 months.

As the @eviloverlord333 pointed out yesterday, when someone asked why their post of the Starbucks deal was deleted:

From THE MAN's hands to our eyes -

We would prefer to see deals that are available for purchase or action at the time of posting.

- posted by Jumbowoot 3 months ago (and in case you didn't know Jumbowoot is the man in charge)


@tmontgom: Sorry you felt that way (singled out). But you were just getting the same treatment that everyone else is getting. Hang in there! Just remember, once you get all of the rules figured out, they'll probably be changed again. :)


@tmontgom: You are not being singled out. The deal you posted breaks a rule and like all others that break this particular rule, your deal (not you) is being tattled. I routinely tattle future deals, also.


@theoneill555: While we are on this subject, has there ever been a time zone specified/preferred by @jumbowoot? I see things considered "pre-deal" to me posted at 11 PM woot time that stand as valid, yet the woot servers change an hour later. Thoughts?


@jsimsace: There have been staff posts that state the start of the day is Texas woot! time (CDT) even though the site date/time stamps here on deals are Universal Time

When timed deals are posted late at night, I believe it is the luck of the draw as to which woot staffers are manning the site at the time and it is at their discretion whether they leave it or delete it. I have seen the timed deals deleted if they are 15 mins early and I have seen them left alone when they were posted 1 hour early.


@theoneill555: Thank you for confirming my sightings. @lichme, sorry to bug you but can we draw another line in the sand and tell everyone about the rule?