questionsgood cigar sampler for a beginner?


There is no such thing as a good cigar or cigarette. Smoke kills.


@jsimsace: Thanks for the heads up, but this doesn't provide any relevant information to my question.


@jsimsace: I agree. I have COPD, from years of smoking. Will most likely shorten my life by 10 years. If you are a beginner, stop now. Spare yourself years of agony and loss!


This deal doesn't have a cutter or lighter, but it does come with a humidor and a nice variety for only $29.99 + ~$5 shipping(you have to copy and paste the link):

You'll have to season your humidor with distilled water, and get humidity beads (lots on this online). If you pick up the beads, and a cutter it will bring you over the $30, so if you really can't afford it just wait for another CI deal to pop-up here.

Also humidor + cutter + lighter + 1 sampler pack for $50:

Also, [Famous Smoke]( has a lot of samplers constantly available, so you can always try looking around there for one with some brand/wrapper variety.

You can also watch Cigar Monster (they're just famous smoke's woot-off style site.) from 11am - 12pm, and 11pm - 12am ET they'll show the best deals from the day, and sometimes they have samplers.


Also, there really isn't a perfect sampler for beginners. I was looking for one when I first started, but deals are always changing and there are a lot of cigars out there. The best thing to do is check out different brands and wrappers (which are a primary indicator of flavor and strength). There are other things like ring size and shape, but definitely just go for a variety and take note of what you like or don't like. Just like with other products you'll find people saying they liked one stick, so they tried another stick and loved it. It becomes easier to find ones you'll like after sampling a variety.

I made a personal dossier in a Google Docs spreadsheet and it makes sorting through everything much easier. Best of luck to you!