questionscan anyone recommend a good iphone app for…


Well, I'll give it a shot. I just downloaded one called "No More Socks." It was free and got 4/5 stars. I haven't fooled much with it yet, but it looks pretty solid. I saw that there were several with really nice seasonal graphics, if you're interested in that. I think there were about 150 gift list apps available, and many of those were free.


@blgauthier: Thanks, that one looks pretty good. I have GOT to get organized! I have a box in my closet stuffed with Woot and other online purchases, I've bought one thing at a brick-and-morter for my mother, but so far that's all. I haven't even put together a good list!

Oooh! I just found a free app called Thank You List! Maybe I will actually write those thank you notes this year!!!


@belyndag: Thank you notes? Yuck! I don't think I've ever finished all of the notes for my wedding gifts and I've been married FOREVER!

You got me started looking at the Christmas Gift apps and I've seen a huge variety of prices. Most of the screen shots are showing British currency, though. I assume you have the option of changing the currency if you use them. Check out the customer reviews. It looks as though there are several new, unrated apps and a lot of apps that got less that 3 stars. I might have to download one of the cute Advent Calendars. Good graphics!