questionswhy can't we tattle on individual comments?

vote-for4vote-against didn't come up in the "similar questions" box. Oh, well.

I think a link that opens the main deal/question tattler and pre-fills the box with the URL of the offending comment would be great.


you can, if you click on the time stamp, copy and paste that url and then use the tattle link you can report the individual comment for rudeness. IF there are a lot of rude comments in a given deal you can just tattle on the entire thing to alert staff to the issue so they can work on fixing the comments, that happened yesterday in the Oneida deal - staff went in and edited comments for content.


@hobbit: jeez. What did I miss? It looked like it was heading downhill after someone starting knocking Vietnam. I didn't check the comments after I pulled the trigger on ordering a set for #1 daughter.
Were they being trollish, snarky, or sarcastic?


@lavikinga: They were being hideously racist and unnecessarily crude and cruel. I only saw bits and pieces, flotsam and jetsam as it were, and I think that the staff deserve kudos; they certainly have my applause and thanks.