questionsdo you have any suggestion in how we could…


Toolboxes pretty much look like toolboxes, so my only suggestion is to get a black one which would be easier to color coordinate versus the usual red.


I'm not certain there is a good, stylish way to store tools. If they're going to be stashed away in a closet, why it the aesthetics of your storage system so important?

I would recommend some sort of drawer system. You could either go with the plastic drawers or metal mesh drawers (like from Ikea, the Container Store or the closet organization section of your local big box home improvement store).

Another option would be to turn a closet into a mini-workshop with a pegboard and some drawers to store the tools and maybe a small work area.


Why not find a sturdy antique trunk? You can fit it with handled trays to lift out to reach the larger power tools while filling the trays with the smaller items like screw drivers/wrenches/hammers.
Top it with a custom cushion and it can do double duty as seating for removing muddy boots and shoes if kept in an entry way, or used for a perch in the kitchen. You know how friends like to gather in the kitchen when we're prepping meals. Give them a glass of wine and a place to sit out from underfoot.

Another possibility is an open front storage bench with pull out rattan baskets. It can perform double duty as seating as well.


what do you consider "average homeowner level" would be my first question. and the second would be what do you consider "good looking". tools are meant to be used, not look nice. organized is your best hope.


There was someone posting toolboxes - like the Craftsman cabinet styles we usually see here - in different colors: yellow, blue, orange all come to mind. I couldn't find them doing a quick search. Might be able to color coordinate with the location.


@gt0163c: That's smart, I should think about turning a closet into some system. Not a bad idea...just a bit more work.

We are both tech people, but also like that things look tidy and organized.


These are attractive:
But it sounds like you need to store some power tools too. A friend used vintage luggage, for that purpose. When we were apartment dwellers, we had a "shed" in the corner of our apartment, behind a decorative screen. I built it to go all the way to the ceiling, to hide fishing rods, tools, etc. A pretty armoire would hold a lot of tools, if you have the space for one.


I will agree with @gt0163c on this one. Why does it need to look good if it's in a closet? I would suggest a base unit on wheels like the one that @mtm2 suggested.


@jsimsace: Because we want to. Just because it is not seen all the time, doesn't mean it should not be nice. It's why Steve Jobs was successful, the attention to detail to everything. Don't get me wrong, we are both in the tech field, so we do care very much about usability and utility, I just wanted to tap into the collective intelligence of the DW community to see what you guys can come up with! And no surprise, there has been quite a few brilliant ideas!


@pickypickypicky: That is super nice!

We are in a similar situation, although it's our vacation home and it's a small standalone house. We have some closets but it's not a big house and space is limited. We do want it to be super cozy and neat.

Thank you! Great idea indeed, that chest even matches out rusty theme of the whole place (except for the stainless kitchen, we can't help it, we both love to cook).