questionsdid you know sony officially unveiled the ps4?


I like the $400 part. When the PS3 came out, I laughed pretty hard at the price points. The PS controller is imo the best controller design ever, so pretty happy about that too. The lack of backwards compatibility will anger the gamers, but they seem to love being angry.


@rprebel: ragequit over the lack of backwards compatibility. Unless the cloud gaming allows us to have access to our old games. That would be sweet.


@okham: Yeah, I'm pretty annoyed at the lack of backward compatibility, but I'm wondering if it was just too difficult since it is very different hardware/software from the ps3.

I like the touchpad and design of the new controller but the share button sounds pretty dumb.


So tired of the forced attempt at social networking. If I want to be alone in my basement playing a game, then let me be damn it!


Also, it looks like it will be say goodbye to buying used games.


Except they didn't actually unveil it, they didn't even show us what it looks like.


Wow it's almost as powerful as my 2 year old PC!


@okham: They've said that your old PS3 games will be available on the cloud but they haven't said how that'll work or if it'll cost anything.


I don't think they announced a price. It's just speculation for now. They didn't really give a whole lot of specific details, period... no official price, no exact release date, no word on what it will cost to stream a game you already own (guess what, you probably get to pay for it, again), and nothing said about the rumors about used game blocking, which, remember, would also kill rental services like Gamefly. What they did push was more integration with the Vita (which I say, no thanks) and more integration with social networking, including using your real name on PSN (which I again say, no thanks!!). So my reaction is very "meh" so far.


I think this is going to be an unpopular post, but damn do I hate the Playstation controller. I wish they would change it.

Apart from that I'll reserve judgement until there are more specifics available.


My jaw dropped a bit at those specs. I caught the end of the announcement. So far I'm pretty excited. I'm a little annoyed they won't have PS3 backwards compatibility, but meh. I guess I'll just have to hold on to my PS3.

I'd love to see them do what they did with the PSP/ Vita in Japan though, trade in your disc games for a digital copy on the new system. Apparently they didn't think this would play out in the US, so they didn't replicate the offer, but I read a decent amount of demand for it. Since the PS3 has a much bigger userbase than the PSP/Vita, perhaps they will this time around.

Right now, I don't think I'll buy one at launch, but once some titles come out that I'm really interested in, I'll likely take the plunge.


@wisenekt: Couldn't agree more! Really pathetic if they take away the ability to play used games, not only will we not be able to buy at a reduced price there will be no trade in value to old games.


I'm a bit surprised at all the love I'm seeing expressed around the interwebs for it. They've added features from a number of other devices/services that have been around for a while including the Xbox 360, OnLive and your desktop PC. Sure, it sounds like an awesome system if it came out a year ago, but it didn't. In fact, it's not coming out until the end of this year.

Will they sell a bunch of them? Yes. Will they be fun and entertaining? Yes. Will they make money off of it? Not if the last three years has been any indication.


@wisenekt @djp519 @mbphipps : sources are now saying that the PS4 will be able to play used games

hopefully they release more information about the cloud, soon.