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You can always have the board members pair off then introduce one and another other. This is usually a safe and easy ice breaker. You can always have them ask serious and silly questions of each other. Good luck!


This happened to me once (guess I was not good at it) I asked around to find out what worked in the past. I do recall using Google to get an 'original' idea. Look for team building exercises.


There are soooo many bad "ice breaker" games out there. And, as a child of the late-80's/early-90's who was a fixture in youth group and 13+ year veteran youth worker I've played (and sadly led) many of them. There are also tons of bad party games/games that make people uncomfortable/games that most people don't find fun.

If you're truly looking for an "ice breaker", that is a game to help people get to know each other and start conversations, I've found it best to stay with something simple. "Two truths and a lie" is a good one that's easy and not terribly intimidating.

To play, you'll need to get people into small groups 3-6 is good. If people are sitting at tables, you can have them play at their tables. Then, in turn, each person tells three things about themselves, only two of which are true. Everyone else tries to figure out which one is the lie. You can find out some fun stuff about people this way and it gives everyone something to talk about later.


If you want something a bit more active you might try making up a list of various things that would apply to people in the room. They can be things specific to your group like: served on the board more than 5 years, first term on board as well as things more general like: born in city/state/region you're in, only child, can play the tuba, enjoys Downton Abbey, speaks a foreign language, etc.

Everyone is given a sheet and told to find a person who fits each category and get them to sign/initial their sheet. To make it harder you can limit it to only allowing a person to sign a person's sheet once or twice (they can only sign for one question per sheet, but can sign again on a different person's sheet). First one to finish wins!
You can also play this kinda like bingo where you put the items in boxes on a sheet and the first one to get a row or column or a row and a column finished wins.


@gt0163c: You beat me to it: two truths and a lie is my only recommendation for an ice-breaker; all the rest I've ever been subjected to are unspeakably lame.

This is how I learned 30 years ago that my board president (and now my best friend) was married to the same guy twice.


@jsimsace: if only!!!

Thanks so much everyone! I really liked the "two truths & a lie" suggestion, but was overruled by my supervisor. We went with "Who am I" - everyone gets a nametag on their back with a randomly picked name of another board/staff member. You have to ask questions to figure out who you are. The main problem with the game is it became evident no one really knows each other.

The first board member who showed up scowled, sighed heavily and rolled his eyes when my supervisor explained the game...which is how I felt about it, but damn, that was rude.

Once more people showed up and everyone had a drink, things got better. It wasn't that bad all in all.

Thanks again for the help! :)