questionsdoes anyone have any suggestions for a good warm…


I have two of these Vicks vaporizers though one is an older model (maybe 16 years old). What I like about these is that the humidification rate is controlled by the amount of table salt you add to the water so you can get it to run fairly slowly. The only bad thing about these is that they are low and wide. They do not get hot enough on the bottom to mark a wood floor. These last just about forever (well, over 16 years). Fairly easy to clean.

I also have a Holmes HM5305-UC that works well, though read the Amazon reviews for it. It DOES get pretty hot on the bottom; I keep mine on a metal tray on a plactic tray on a mat. It is NOT especially noisy (occasional gurgles) but you do have to hold the tank while it fills because its top is not flat. Easy enough to clean. Had it six years.


Thanks for the suggestions. I'm going to look into all 3 of those models. Hopefully one or more is available locally.