questionsis anyone playing the battlefield 3 multiplayer…


I have seen that they have team kill on, how has that affected your gameplay?


I don't know if it's from that, but I feel like I have been having awesome kills and less deaths then when I played bad company 2.


and if anyone wants to join in my gamertag is ch8882002usnavy


I just played the beta for a couple hours... so glad I didn't preorder this game.

If you played the last Medal of Honor (not a great game) you know exactly what to expect. I thought this game was supposed to be ground breaking but it's far from it and I can't get over how buggy it is. I'd be freaking out if I was the company that released this.

All in all, there's just no way this will compete with MW3. Why did they release it at the same time as MW3?! Stupidest decision they ever made. Even though BF3 will be a fun game, there's just no way it will be successful with this launch date.


I'd give the beta a 7 out of 10 because the game will end up being fun, despite the bugs. I give it a 0% change of being better than MW3 however.


I'm in and loving it. A bit buggy but that's why they do betas.
Stop camping the tunnels with rockets! Yes it looks cool but it takes no skill.

@segafanalways: I tried to hit you up last night.

Can't wait to get home and play some more. I'll be on this evening if anyone wants to play.
GT = WickedD365


@czarkingkaiser: 2 things. And so you know I am not biased towards COD or Battlefield. I have the entire series for both, both new ones preordered, and play them both on a regular bases.

1) This is a Beta, not what the game will actually be like. They released a Beta to try to find out all the bugs before the game is released and gather feedback on which parts of the game people liked, didn't like, or things people thought needed to be add or taken away to make the game more fun for them. It is not a true representation of the final game.

2)If you look at some of the game sales charts Battlefield is actually beating MW3 in presales for both PS3 and Xbox 360. Amazon is just one of the companies I am talking about. I'm sure in overall sales MW3 will come out on top of sales. I think releasing them so close together is a smart move. It creates a "war" on both sides to create a better game then the competition making the gamers the ultimate winners.


@wickedd365: I should be on again tonight. I was on for a while yesterday but I had other things to get to at around 930. I didn't see your request when I was on if you sent it while I was playing.


My experiences with Betas is that they're not really that much different from the final product. They usually just tweak a few tiny things.


@segafanalways: lol trying to monopolize on beta hype, eh? Good man :D

I've had it DL since 4/5am but haven't played it yet (9am) - gonna go fire it up in a minute.

Okay that's a lie, I had to play it for like 45sec this morning - but no actual playing.


@drchops: I have been playing it tons since I had early access to the beta for purchasing Medal of Honor.


I agree there are a few little tweaks needed but I love the game play can't wait for the full game.

As for comparing MW3 & BF3 you really can't. They are both FPS war games but thats pretty much where the similarities end. The game play is different MW3 is more of a run and gun type game where BF3 is more strategic and team oriented. Map size is another issue BF3 maps are huge, MW3 not as large.

So in the end you have ask yourself what YOU are interested in and go with that game. All in all both games look awesome and I will buy both but for different reasons.


Is anyone else a little disappointed? its not a bad game, and i'll probably still be pre-ordering it, but to me its not quite as good as BF 2. I feel like hte main problem is how realistic it is. I feel like in an attempt to be realistic, they made some of hte gameplay bulky and and slow feeling. i hate how instead of jumping over stuff, your character kinda climbs over it. it just didn't seem as smooth or as fluid as the previous one. I also have to complain about the sniper scopes lighting up. doesn't that completely negate the purpose of being a sniper? if htey keep the scope glare in the game that is going to be a major gripe for me.


@ndcouch: Watch out, don't say anything bad about BF3 here....


@ndcouch: I loved both features you just highlighted. I dont feel that vaulting over a barrier instead of magically jumping 4 ft in the air and landing on the other-side is a problem.

Sniping in this game is excellent. I like that they start you with a semi-auto and you work to get a bolt-aciton, I like that it's not always 1 shot 1 kill with the sniper rifle, and I like that with the starter scope you can reveal your position by looking through it. It sounds to me like previous games have made you soft.

I hate to say this but stick to MW3, we don't need you in BF3


@zypherion: ouch. for the record i dont like MW3. the more i read about it, the more the scope glare makes sense. it looks like they are doing it to offset the new "prone" mode. after thinking about it, if hte sniper had a gilly suit, and prone mode, and no scope glare, they would be almost unkillable. so i'm willing to concede that it may be a necessity at this point. plus it looks like they are trying to discourage the highly irritating "sniper junkies". I hate it when someone plays the whole game as a sniper and only racks up 60 points by the end. if you cant be effective, dont use it. in those cases i usually "tag" my own guys with the tracking dart. i typically always play with the assault guy. nothing beats watching an enemy run behind a wall to avoid fire, just to have that wall blown up by a grenade launcher. as for the slow bulky movements (jumping and throwing out ammo kits ect...) i'm still very dissapointed


the BETA was actually an ALPHA, they released it to see if their servers could handle the traffic. The glitches and game play issues have already been handled.

The release version will be crisp and clean. The game it self (from what i hear) is closer to BF2 style with squads, vehics and strst. If you're a BF fan you're going to LOVE this, if you're a diehard COD fan, give it a chance, you should enjoy this as well. Larger (much larger) maps, Jets, Tanks, Jeeps, Boats, Turrets, Choppas, SAM sites, Commander possitions (command squads, drop supplies, artillery, etc.). If you get the PC version prepare for a ton of user created mods and maps.

If you've never played BF2 (not talking about bad company which in my opinion lacked) it is the highest selling longest lasting franchise in FPS history for PC. DICE is very community oriented and they listen to almost all feedback and release patches on a regular basis. I'm excited.