questionswhat happened to moofi woot on the mobile app…


Hey thomasleecrna,
Mobile woot-checking applications are not developed by Some of them use feeds provided by the woot! team, and some of them simply parse the various woot! websites and disseminate the deals out on their own.
If your tool no longer is able to refresh moofi, then the likely culprit is that the feed or the site has changed and your app-of-choice has not yet updated itself to take this into account.
Your best bet is to reach out to the maker of the app in question. Meanwhile, you can always browse deals.woot on your device's web browser - if you check the leaderboard, you'll note that one of the most popular searches is (all moofi deals that are still active).
If your particular app isn't updated soon, you might try a different one (TrackWoot and wootstar are both working for me on my iOS devices). Best of luck!